Young Sheldon Season 6 Images Debut Grown-Up Missy & Church Tantrums

New Young Sheldon Season 6 preview images reveal a first look at an adult Missy and, in a very different shot, Sheldon throws a tantrum in church.

The last Young Sheldon Season 6 footage debuts in Missy and Sheldon’s church tantrums. It’s been a pretty busy end to the year for the Coopers in Young Sheldon season 5 with the unexpected news of Georgie’s pregnancy. While this major development sends a ripple effect through all members of the clan, its younger members are left to their own devices as George and Mary focus on helping their older brother. After its obligatory summer break, however, expect Young Sheldon season 6 will continue to evolve more into a family show rather than a typical sitcom.


film for Young Sheldon been in full swing for some time now, with various set images and videos doing the rounds online and letting fans know what to expect. The Big Bang Theory imminent return of the prequel. CBS also released the official statement Young Sheldon Season 6 premiere synopsis. Titled “Four Hundred Cartons of Undeclared Cigarettes and a Niblingo”, it confirms that the comedy will directly address the Season 5 cliffhanger ending, where it was revealed that Meemaw and Georgie had been arrested. Elsewhere, Mary brings the twins back to church despite the congregation turning their backs on the family.

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Now new pictures of Young SheldonThe official Twitter account reveals what those storylines will look like when the family comedy kicks off its sixth season. The image set includes Georgie and Meemaw locked up and Sheldon making a scene at the church. The social media account tops it all off with a single photo of Missy looking much more grown up. Check out the promotional images below:

A previously published Young Sheldon The Season 6 image shows Georgie and Meemaw apparently appealing their case to an officer, possibly even relying on the fact that they were only smuggling cigarettes because they needed to. money for the imminent arrival of a new baby in the family. In the midst of all these marketing efforts to Young Sheldon season 6 so far, CBS has apparently yet to reveal the first look at George. The coming year will be a big one for the Cooper patriarch, as his cheating scandal is set to play out over the next season or two. Between Pastor Jeff coldly dismissing Mary and her budding relationship with Pastor Rob, he’s curious to know what George thinks of his family’s return to church. It’s not impossible that Mary left without informing her husband, which could lead to another conflict.

While they don’t provide any context for the aforementioned footage, it’s not hard to predict what’s going on in them. Georgie and Meemaw perhaps bond over their shared experience of being in prison, while Sheldon ends up causing a scene after hearing or seeing something that annoys him. There’s even a chance it’s the congregation gossiping about them. Either way, it’s serious enough that he needs to be removed from the church. The most interesting and mysterious image, however, is Missy’s solo shot. The Cooper girl was relegated to the side towards the end of Young Sheldon season 5, but it only went to prove why she’s widely considered the best member of the family. Maybe Young Sheldon season 6 may put more emphasis on her by further developing George’s bond with his daughter.

Source: Young Sheldon/Twitter