You’ll Need a Trailer to Move This 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Rally Sport

There’s something pretty cool and special about a barn find. These cars are usually hidden from view for decades and are still of great interest when finally unearthed, and many are auctioned off and then subjected to full restoration.

On, we have another epic barn find. It’s a 1970 Chevy Camaro, which has the Rally Sport option, and although still in its prime and unable to move on its own, this car looks fantastic.

Undivided Rally Sport Bumper

There is something important to note here. The Barn Finds feature indicates that this Camaro has a split bumper. But according to the comments below in the feature, this car listed on Facebook Marketplace is actually a Rally Sport, as we mentioned in the opening paragraph. It lacks the usual bumper and the Rally Sport option is even more visible with the round indicators next to the grille. These are the biggest gifts. Currently the car is on Marketplace for $7000 and you will need a trailer to get it out of the seller’s property.

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A Camaro in very good condition

Photos indicate that this car had a vinyl roof at one time, and overall it appears to be in pretty solid condition. But as the Barn Finds feature indicates, there are no images of the car’s undercarriage or engine bay.

Mismatched wheels are also visible, but it’s not a real drama, and the tires are still holding their air too. However, the main priority for any buyer of this car will, of course, be to have it checked to see what condition it is in.

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Need to source an engine

The biggest problem with this car however is the lack of ability to move under its own power. It’s not because the car’s engine is particularly broken, rather it’s because it has none at all!

The listing says it’s a roller so it can move, but just no motor. The listing also says the car has a 350 turbo built in, so there’s something you can use if you buy the car and get an engine. For $7,000, this isn’t a bad project car at all, and I hope the body is in good shape with minimal rust.

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