“Yellowstone” Fans May Not Get All the Answers They Want When Season 4 Finally Airs

Yellowstone recently sent fans into a frenzy when the series finally announced a Season 4 premiere date. In addition to revealing that the season would begin on the first Sunday in November, the Paramount Network also announced that the premiere will officially launch the Taylor Sheridan film. Yellowstone-verse on Paramount +.

But when the first episode of Yellowstone season 4 is finally coming, fans may not get all the answers they need.

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“Yellowstone” Fans Have Lots Of Questions To Answer In The Season 4 Premiere

Yellowstone will have a lot of explaining to do in the Season 4 premiere, thanks to the massive cliffhanger of the Season 3 finale. At the end of the episode, John (Kevin Costner), Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) was under attack and was fighting for their life.

John was lying on the side of the road after being shot. Beth was in her office when a bomb went off. And Kayce was running for cover behind his desk as gunmen stormed into his office. Fans have plenty of theories about who didn’t make it out alive in Season 3. This is the biggest question fans have to answer in the Season 4 premiere.

Fans want to know who was behind the attacks

The other big question fans need answered is who was behind the attacks? Was it Jamie (Wes Bentley)? Maybe Roarke (Josh Hollaway) and Market Equities? Was this someone the fans weren’t expecting at all? Is it possible that the Duttons were hit by multiple enemies at once?

Will Yellowstone answer these questions in the first episode of season 4? Or, will they keep this a mystery to fans as the season progresses?

“Yellowstone” Fans May Not Get All the Answers They Need in Episode One

Yellowstone and the Paramount Network have been silent on what will happen in Season 4. But they shared that the premiere will consist of multiple episodes. Which means fans may not get all the answers they need in Episode 1.

However, they won’t have to wait long to see the story continue. Both episodes of the two-part Season 4 premiere will air back-to-back on Sunday, November 7.

Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone Worm Launch

When Yellowstone returns for Season 4 this fall, it will also serve as the launch of Sheridan’s Yellowstone Worm on streamer Paramount +. Sheridan currently has six series in the works, and two will debut before the end of the year.

The Yellowstone prequel 1883 – with Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill – will premiere in December. Mayor of Kingstown, starring Jeremy Renner, will debut in November.

To give Yellowstone Fans who are not subscribers to Paramount + get the chance to see these new series, the pilot episodes will air on the Paramount Network as a “preview” before switching exclusively to Paramount +.

The Paramount network has a “Yellowstone” strategy

According to Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of MTV Entertainment, the postponement of season 4 of Yellowstone was due to a specific strategy for the growth of Sheridan’s Yellowstone Worm.

“Our strategy is to do Yellowstone – massive # 1 hit with over 10 million fans – into a blockbuster global franchise under Taylor Sheridan’s incredible creative vision for world-building storytelling, ”Chris McCarthy told Pop Culture.

“These new series will debut on Paramount + and will have special premiere day episodes behind them. Yellowstone introducing this vast audience to these new stories, allowing us to leverage our linear platforms to fuel the growth of Paramount + which will air each series exclusively after episode two.

Yellowstone Season 4 will air Sunday, November 7 on the Paramount Network. Fans will get their first glimpse Mayor of Kingstown November 14. The 1883 prequel premieres on December 19.

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