WOYM: Consider supporting the historic societies of the Roanoke region, custodians of so many answers | Story

The Salem Museum is bringing a new Christmas tree ornament this season to commemorate the Salem Fair.

Courtesy of the Salem Museum

Ray Cox Special at the Roanoke Times

Regret visited the response office.

A recent dispatch took a cranky tone, discussing the decoration of local festivals and musical schedules and practices. The regret centers on the frank admission that the pursuit of harmony and happiness during the holidays is a sacred right.

Now, the commitment here is to support those who sing and decorate for the season with joy and peace.

So, to repair previous clever remarks on the various holiday customs, the Change of Heart Response Office urges readers in the spirit of the season to support the region’s many historical societies as well as the wide range of museums and museums. of corresponding exhibitions, large and small.

One way to do this is to consider the good work of the myriad of local historians, curators, archivists, genealogists, and the like when making your holiday gifts.

In addition to direct contributions and memberships, these societies and museums often generate operating income through various kinds of merchandise sales to the public. Holiday themes are popular.

Here are two examples of the many buying opportunities available.

The first is donated by the Salem Museum to the Williams-Brown House at 801 E. Main St. as part of its collection of locally inspired Christmas ornaments.