World Beyond Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

This is it – the latest episode of The Walking Dead: The World Beyond – and there is a lot to unpack. Episode 10 titled “The Last Light” shows victory and defeat on both sides, leaving the series finale on a cliffhanger while revealing key information about the start of the apocalypse.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2, summary of episode 10: Huck’s sacrifice

Annet Mahendru as Huck – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 10 – Photo credit: Steve Swisher / AMC

Jennifer and Dennis wait for Iris, Hope, Elton and Silas to arrive with the antibiotics and have a heartwarming conversation about their future. Even though the public knows it won’t happen, we can still hope.

After receiving the drug, the group finds out that the C-4 cannot explode, and they will have to find another way to do it. Silas offers to stay and help Dennis and Jennifer while Iris, Hope, and Elton continue on their way to get as far away from the blast zone as possible.

Meanwhile, Felix helps Dr. Bennett and the scientists get to safety against the CRM soldiers. Jennifer offers to stay put and watch the chemical gas supply so that Dennis and Silas can try to find another option to destroy the gas.

Unfortunately for Jennifer, Jadis arrives and kills her – but not before she reveals information about Rick Grimes (nothing significant, more like references) and Jennifer had a way to detonate the C-4 from the start.

She decides to use her father’s watch – which unfortunately works – and Jadis manages to escape the explosion. So Jennifer prevented Portland’s death and died a hero.

As Hope, Iris, and Elton make their way through the endless cluster of voids, they see the explosion and shortly after, Indira and Asha arrive to help with gas masks. A void comes out of nowhere, about to bite Hope until Elton intervenes.

He is taken to a safe place with the rest of the Perimeter, Dr. Bennett and the other scientists, where he survives with an amputated arm. Dennis and Silas are waiting for Jennifer, even though Dennis knows she won’t be coming.

As his injury worsens, the CRM arrives and he offers Silas to kill him so that the CRM sees him as a hero and not a traitor. Silas grants Dennis’ wish and is taken captive in a rather powerful ripping scene.

He meets Jadis again, who doesn’t believe his lies about his loyalty to the CRM. However, she still sees potential in him, and so, Silas becomes a soldier.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2, summary of episode 10: The betrayal of days gone by

The Walking Dead: The World Beyond

Julia Ormond as Elizabeth – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 10 – Photo credit: Steve Swisher / AMC

Jadis meets Elizabeth and shares the news of Jennifer’s death. The deep conversation does not last, as Jadis reveals that Elizabeth is under arrest and charged with treason.

Jadis blames him for allowing Hope and her family to enter the CRM, causing all the mess that followed later. It seems that Jadis sees her as weak and not loyal enough to the cause.

Elizabeth is rightly outraged but has no choice. She is arrested and her fate remains a mystery at the end of the series.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2, summary of episode 10: The future

The Walking Dead: The World Beyond

Alexa Mansour as Hope – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher / AMC

Unsurprisingly, the group eventually split up, as Hope will remain at the new location with all of the scientific research, scientists, and her father. Iris, Elton and Asha will travel with The Perimeter to Portland.

Felix and Will stay together and even have a dog. While Silas is now a CRM trooper, there is no doubt that he will play the role for as long as he can (hopefully).

But this is not the end. The last scene in the credits reveals a French scientist listening to Dr Jenner’s recording while still at the CDC before his wife’s death.

As she listens, an armed man arrives, and the two speak in French. The conversation hints that she was one of the medics responsible for the apocalypse and is quickly killed.

When she transforms into a void, she is violent, loud, and fairly quick on her feet, implying that there is a new breed of walker that we haven’t yet seen (conveniently).

What can I say about The Walking Dead: World Beyond series finale?

Well, the new breed of walker stands out the most since this is the last scene in the series. I’m puzzled as to why we are introduced to this walker now after not seeing one for how long in The walking dead Universe?

You could discuss the walkers who might turn the doorknobs and jump the fences in Season 1 of The walking dead (I have no references for Fear the living dead, as I don’t watch) is this walker breed, but let’s be honest, we haven’t seen anything like it since, so why now?

Other than that, it was no surprise that CRM wasn’t going to fall. However, it was a relief to see that Portland was saved – at least for now.

While The Walking Dead: The World Beyond is over, that doesn’t mean we won’t see these characters in a future spin-off or in the final season of The walking dead or the pursuit Fear the living dead. Since the CRM is not destroyed, they will have to respawn.

Personally, I would love to see Iris, Hope, Elton and Silas again. The Walking Dead: The World Beyond left too many things open for questions, and look forward to finding those answers soon.

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