Why is Dapper Dave leaving Virgin Radio?

VIRGIN Radio breakfast producer Dapper Dave is rumored to be quitting Chris Evans’ morning show.

Fans on Twitter are now wondering why – find out here.


David Brain (Dapper Dave) of Virgin RadioCredit: Twitter

Why is Dapper Dave leaving Virgin Radio?

David Brain, better known as Dapper Dave, is rumored to be leaving Virgin Radio.

However, the radio producer himself has yet to reveal anything about his departure from the radio station.

According to people on Twitter, presenter Chris Evans hinted on his breakfast show that Dave would be leaving the station shortly.

While others think the statement was unclear and could be a cliffhanger for later episodes.

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Responding to a tweet promoting Evans’ morning show, one user asked, “Why is Dapper Dave leaving or was he left as a tense open question / looking forward to the next kind of episode?”

Another user added: “why is he going there?”

Who will replace Dapper Dave on Virgin Radio?

As it has not been confirmed that Dave is leaving the show, there has been no announcement as to who will replace him.

Once the producer or Evans himself confirms the news to his audience, we’ll keep you posted.

Dave joined Virgin Radio shortly after leaving his post as producer for Cleanfeed Media for five years from 2011 to 2016 according to his LinkedIn.

He started as a daytime producer until June 2018 when he moved on to breakfast producer.

Dave is a comedian, writer and presenter best known for his role in Channel 4’s Cardinal Burns and BBC Two’s sitcom Popatron.

He starred in the CGI-Brows short film in 2009 and won the People’s Choice award in the Virgin Media Shorts competition.

Is Dapper Dave married and how many children does he have?

Dave has not spoken publicly about his relationship status.

At first glance, he could be single according to Pimiso.

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The radio producer has his Instagram account kept private while he doesn’t appear to be active on Twitter, keeping news of his personal life out of public view.

As soon as we have an update, we’ll let you know.