What villains could enter the MCU in a Doctor Strange 2 sequel?

One of the most interesting aspects of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness that’s how he packed so many bad guys into his execution. Fans saw Wanda Maximoff become an unhinged Scarlet Witch, leaving Strange, Wong, and America Chavez desperate to find a way to stop her. Along their journey, the sketchy Illuminati have appeared, along with dark versions of Strange, proving how science and magic may have broken the multiverse rather than being tools meant to fix it.

Ultimately, all of these experiments provided insight into how horrible things could happen for Earth-616. With that in mind, let’s dissect which villains have been put together from this mind-bending journey the Wizards of Kamar-Taj have embarked on, and how they can shape an even more chaotic third film.

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Doctor Strange 3 Might Bring a Hip Hood to NYC

In the comics, Parker Robbins became The Hood, a supernatural gangster who rose from street-level heists with his gang to power player alongside Norman Osborn, Emma Frost, and the Dark Illuminati. It was because he had found a cloak that was connected to Dormammu from the Dark Dimension. This could make him the avatar of the demon on Earth.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has never been shy about using magical relics, so Parker could easily have found this and other items, empowering his team. The MCU may also make the team younger and hipper, playing to the concept of baby boomers and Gen Z, with Strange and Wong struggling to keep up with the generational divide. Young villains can bring a fresher take on crime, using spells and weapons in ways older heads would never think of, like mystical guns. It would also allow America (who was training under Wong) to become a mage, acting as an unofficial audition to become Sorcerer Supreme one day.

Doctor Strange 3 Could Make Umar A Better Dormammu

In the books, Umar is Dormammu’s twin sister. However, they had a contentious relationship where she betrayed him for control of the Dark Dimension. Given that Strange defeated him in the first movie, the MCU can easily ascend her to the throne in his absence, using the fire monsters called the Faltinians and the Mindless Ones to plan a new takeover of the whole world. reality.

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Interestingly, the books had her paired with Baron Mordo, so the MCU’s Mordo could broker a deal where they form an alliance and try to bring some form of warped order to the cosmos. Mordo could help Umar control his kingdom, while Umar can provide Mordo with the army he needs to eliminate Kamar-Taj and other threats he believes embody instability. This could easily reframe Kaecilius’ plan from the start strange doctor film, but with more industrious and skilled executors. And once again, that would give Mordo that glorious purpose he seeks as the magical guardian of the galaxy.

Doctor Strange 3 Could Make Clea a Demonic Romance

In the middle of the credits strange doctor 2, Clea (played by Charlize Theron) arrived through a loophole to hold Strange accountable for his incursions. They jumped through a portal into what appeared to be the Dark Dimension, ending the movie on quite a cliffhanger. Given that she’s Umar’s daughter in the comics, she may be manipulating Strange into helping her mother launch a coup. Since Strange has been corrupted by the Darkhold, making him a pawn might be easier than expected.

However, Clea had her own selfish turns, so she might be the one seeking the throne after her uncle gets stuck in Strange’s time loop. Either way, with Strange no longer romantically involved with his Christine, it would offer a more emotional villain, testing his heart and mind if he thinks she’s worth redeeming. They had a romance in the comics and she became the Supreme Witch. So it’s easy to see the MCU turning her into a villain who needs reforming before the power of love transforms her into someone better.

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Doctor Strange 3 can use Nightmare for a secret invasion

strange doctor 2 revealed that people’s nightmares and dreams are actually visions of alternate versions of themselves on other Earths. Thus, this provides Nightmare with the perfect entry point as this demonic being can use these visions to attach themselves to people from all realities. In the comics, he sucked people into his realm through their dreams, even taking over their bodies, which is precisely what the Scarlet Witch did in this film – calling it “Dream Walking”.

This would allow Nightmare to possess others, creating a sinister army on many Earths, especially 616. He can fashion a Secret Invasion-as a story with a supernatural twist instead of Skrulls, allowing the tyrant to target the Sanctum Sanctorum and Kamar-Taj. Nightmare has an army of succubi and incubi waiting. Not to mention that he can also deploy the Fear Lords, such as D’Spayre and Nox, who would rely on one of their own, the Dweller-in-Darkness, already appearing in the Shang Chi solo movie.

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Doctor Strange 3 can finally introduce Mephisto

Wanda’s latest tragedy can finally bring Mephisto thanks to Wundagore’s revelation. Wong confirmed that hubs like this existed throughout the Multiverse, which only Dark Beings could exploit. It’s easy to imagine Mephisto going from reality to reality, offering wishes and claiming souls to become strong enough to suck those hubs dry. If Wanda is alive, he might even tempt her with another false reality, absorbing the last of her Darkhold magic. Plus, he can give America a world with his moms, or Strange a world with Christine.

Thing is, many heroes are broken and craving something more, which Mephisto can play in a nuanced role, like when he tried Pete to save Aunt May in the Civil war books. With Strange already casting an evil spell in Spider Man: No coming home and the cracks across the multiverse are opening up, it’s easy for Mephisto to capitalize on people’s grief. The Snap has a lot of empty people inside because they lost loved ones in the five years of their disappearance, so Mephisto would have plenty of victims to prey on. Ultimately, Strange’s mages and even a redeemed Wanda may have to team up to stop the demon from offering false hope.

Find out how these villains were put together in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, now in theaters.

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