What happened in Split revealed

The cast of season 6 of Under Deck Mediterranean finally reveals what happened in Split during the highly anticipated reunion with Andy Cohen.

While much of the season revolved around an offensive stew and neurotic chef, the finale of Under the Mediterranean bridge Season 6 ended with even more drama and a huge cliffhanger about what happened in Split when the cameras stopped rolling. In the closing moments of the finale, each of the crew mentions their trip to Split after leaving the Lady Michelle and hints that some very outrageous things happened during their vacation.

As the credits roll, each member of the crew has something to say about the trip. Chef Katie Flood says “What happens in Split stays in Split“and Chef Mathew Shea likened the experience to”one of those sex parties“he apparently attends, for example. Likewise, Courtney Veale said:”A few things definitely happened that we’ll never talk about again,“and Lloyd Spencer concluded,”Only the people who are there will know.

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Fortunately, right after the finale aired, the cast sat down with Andy Cohen for a Under the Mediterranean Bridge reunion, and if anyone could extract any details, it would be him. Through well done, Katie explained during the Season 6 reunion, “We had a great time, honestly. We celebrated a lot. And we enjoyed each other’s company again.

Mathew and Courtney added that they “saw everyone naked“at one point, although Malia joked that she missed that night, so who knows who”everyone“really was. No one could really remember who if anyone had logged in, and Courtney and Mzi Dempers confirmed they hadn’t. Malia also added that Split was the place. where her relationship with her current boyfriend, engineer Jake Baker, actually took off.

Lady Michelle’s team can still hold back when it comes to revealing all the details about what really happened in Split, but it certainly looks like a moment to remember. In fact, Malia has confirmed that the name of their group chat is “Let’s Get F-king Split-ted”, which is enough of a sign that they had a great time together. Season 6 fans should be happy to hear the majority of Under the mediterranean bridge the actors are always on good terms with each other, which came out of their stories on Split. The fact that they’re even having a group chat indicates that they still care enough about each other that they want to keep in touch.

Given how the Under the mediterranean bridge the crew have been partying throughout the season, it’s not hard to imagine that they went all out after the rental season. Remember, this is the group that had people falling from hot tubs, screaming at each other after a few drinks of rose, and twerking in the main cabin late into the night. It is not surprising that Split was the time to remember for the Under the mediterranean bridge cast members.

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