What happened in episode 40 of Love Island last night? Full summary

Tonight’s Love Island began in dramatic fashion, with the final two in the public vote being revealed and two islanders leaving the villa for good.

The rest of the episode saw a rift between Luca and Tasha before she took another step with Andrew.

Then, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – it was movie night, with all the drama you’ve come to expect. There was a big reveal for Ekin-Su, while Luca wasn’t happy with what he saw in a clip of Gemma.

Didn’t catch it when it aired?

You can watch Love Island on catch-up. Otherwise, here’s our full recap of Episode 40.

What happened in episode 40 of Love Island last night?

Josh and Coco

At the start of the episode, we still had to iron out the last episode’s cliffhanger glitch, with Summer, Coco, and Tasha in the crosshairs among the girls when it comes to the audience vote, while Andrew, Josh and Deji were in the bottom three for boys.

We soon discovered that it was Coco and Josh who came last in the public vote, with their couple then saying goodbye to the rest of the islanders before packing their bags and leaving the villa.

Meanwhile, Tasha struggled after being in the bottom three again, though many other islanders narrowly paid for it, with Luca telling her he didn’t understand why she was upset given that Andrew was now her boyfriend and that the couple had both stayed. When she got even more upset, he said he was “just saying what everyone else was thinking”.

When they are alone, Gemma tells him that she is okay with him but that his tough approach was unnecessary, and when Dami joins them, he is okay with her.

Elsewhere, Paige and Dami discuss her relationship with Jacques and subsequently Adam – she says she sees potential with Adam but doesn’t know where her head is. Dami tells him that he only says good things.

That night, in bed, Andrew and Tasha say they love each other. Andrew tells the boys the next morning, while Tasha tells the girls.

love island episode 40

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Dami tells Indiyah that he would be happy to go with her tomorrow if that happens, and she admits that her past behavior will play on her mother and sister’s mind.

Luca and Tasha reconcile after their argument the night before, while some couples chat by the pool.

Gemma then receives a text that tells the islanders to “go glam” as they attend “Mad Movies: The Premiere”, with everyone equally excited and terrified. Gemma says “There are going to be fights but I can’t wait for it”.

Installed in their teams, the boys and girls get down to it. The boys win the first question and choose to watch a clip titled “I Know What Ekin-Su Did Last Summer”, which shows Ekin-Su’s encounter with George at Casa Amor which she kept quiet. others.

The boys also win the second question and choose a movie called “She’s Just Not That into You”, which shows Gemma admitting that she feels Luca is more into her than she is into him, and that her head could be turned. She is then seen flirting with Billy, infuriating Luca and saying that he has been made to look like an “idiot”.

On that note, the episode ended, with more to come from Movie Night in Sunday’s episode…

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