What Buyers Need to Know About Owning a Tesla Model S Throw Blanket

You’re hereThe first mainstream all-electric vehicle was launched in 2012. That was a very long time ago in the EV years. Since then, advances in battery technology and other innovations have advanced electric vehicles by leaps and bounds, but the Model S has managed to keep up with the competition. It still has that new car smell, both driving and living with it.

This four-door, five-seat sedan helped make Elon Musk’s California company a force to be reckoned with, a company whose products are worth comparing to those produced by BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

Related: Here’s what you need to know about the 2022 Tesla Model S refreshAiming to revive interest in the nearly decade-old sedan, the company gave it a major facelift last year, putting it back on the radar of luxury car buyers. This makeover is what prompted YouTuber Ryan Shaw to buy a Model S Plaid last year, in September, after avoiding it due to its aging and outdated interior. So far so good, he says at the start of her 25 minute review video. However, there are also negative aspects that he wishes to point out. If you’re short on time, we’ll give you the highlights.

Property of the Model S Plaid: there are some disadvantages

Ryan also mentions the downsides of the new Tesla Model S Plaid. And it all started the day he received his brand new blue car, which arrived with a scratch on the front bumper. Also, there was some kind of adhesive on the side windows, misaligned door handles, a tear in the passenger side carpet, a strange noise coming from the driver’s seat every time he turned right, and an armrest squeaky.

Although the flaws have been corrected, Ryan says these quality issues are unacceptable in a vehicle he paid over $130,000 for, even though it offers performance on par with hypercars costing millions. He also adds that he doesn’t like the built-in music app, the blind spot camera power feature is displayed in the center of the main panel rather than the gauge cluster – as it is in Hyundai and Kia cars – and you have to look down to see it.

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On the plus side: driving the new American luxury

Tesla Model S Owner Reviews Poster
YouTube ChannelRyan Shaw

On the plus side, he points to the new interior as a big step forward in terms of elegance and quality. The seats are superb and, although the distinctive central screen remains overloaded with functions, they all work efficiently.

Tesla’s refusal to offer separate controls for various objects is more vexing than Porsche’s insistence on using one button for everything. In this regard, something like the Kia K5 strikes a more favorable balance than either.

Ryan also mentions the car’s ventilated seats, amazing sound system, in-car games, tri-motor all-wheel drive, and a variety of other features. While the Model S is the fastest production car ever built and, of course, the fastest EV, it’s also the longest-range EV, making it as practical as it is capable. The Model S Plaid is spacious, serenely comfortable and easy to drive. In this sense, it fulfills the three fundamental pillars of traditional American luxury.

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