Was Emily VanCamp’s return to The Resident worth it?

the resident Fan favorite Emily VanCamp reprized her role as Nicolette “Nic” Nevin in the Season 5 finale of the Fox medical drama. The character only appeared in flashbacks, but VanCamp still made an impact. The appearance was exciting for fans of the actress, Nic’s character and her romance with Conrad – but it also had side effects, good and bad, for the show as it enters its sixth season this fall. .

VanCamp left the resident after four seasons as a series regular. Consequently, the series killed off its beloved character and spent much of its run dealing with the fallout of Nic’s death. Dr. Conrad Hawkins, played by Matt Czuchry, struggled to come to terms with the loss of his wife and the mother of his child, but he was not alone. Every major character was touched by Nic’s passing – which made it great when fans got to see VanCamp again after a disappointing return from the MCU. But she Resident the place for the guests was not perfect either.

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Why Emily VanCamp’s Return to The Resident Was Good

VanCamp’s return helped a lot the resident. Nic’s appearance gave Conrad some much-needed closure. The episode’s final flashback revealed that Nic made Conrad promise to move on and find love again if she died. The timely callback freed him up for a potential love triangle in Season 6 — which can over-complicate shows, like the recent season of Bridgerton, but is more acceptable than leaving the character in a constant state of mourning. The finale ended on a cliffhanger, with Conrad approaching potential love interests Cade Sullivan and Billie Sutton, played by Kaley Ronayne and Jessica Lucas, respectively.

The flashbacks also allowed the show to move forward as well. Season 5’s time jump made it necessary to put VanCamp’s departure in the rearview mirror. Sometimes the characters acted as if Nic’s death had just happened and at other times they behaved as if it had happened a long time ago. Time jumps can make series too convoluted, like The Walking Dead discovered recently. Closing Nic’s storyline made things easier for the residentthe characters of and its viewers entering Season 6.

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Why Emily VanCamp’s Return to Resident Was Bad

On the other hand, VanCamp’s cameo was also a stark reminder of what the resident lost. The scenes between Nic and Conrad were full of energy, even if they were short flashbacks. Whoever the writers associate Conrad with, that relationship will compete with Nic’s memory. VanCamp’s brief return demonstrated just how much more the series needs to develop Cade and Billie before either can be a compelling love interest.

It’s not just the central love story that we’ll miss. VanCamp’s character provided a connection to the nursing world in a very doctor-centric series. the resident has excellent supporting nurse characters in Ellen and Jessica, played by Denitra Isler and Jessica Miesel, but without a nurse as the main character, their stories are sidelined – if present. Given the heightened focus on nurses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the show’s desire to be topical, it’s shocking how nurses and other hospital staff have taken a step back since Nic’s death.

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Losing VanCamp allowed the rest of the cast to shine. the resident has a solid set and is at its best when using all of its characters. Bringing the actress back for the Season 5 finale also brought the show back to being centered around Conrad and Nic. With Conrad clearly in the lead, the writers must resist the temptation to make the show just its story.

While Emily VanCamp’s return had its ups and downs, the idea hooked fans at the end of a turbulent season. VanCamp’s brief return to the resident proved bittersweet as it opened up new storylines, but also reminded viewers how good the old ones were. Although it looks like the Season 5 finale will be the last time viewers will see Nic, her impact and the impact of the actress who played her will continue to be felt on the show well into the season. 6.