Volkswagen’s office chair makes dodgems at work a reality

volkswagen office chair drives like an electric car

Have office workers ever thought of a chair design that they can drive? If that is the case, volkswagen (Norway) turned that dream into a real seat by installing an electric motor in his gaming chair, propelling it forward with the press of a button. Volkswagen targets office workers who are stuck in their seats for hours. There’s nothing more exciting than having bumper cars around the office, spicing up the hustle and bustle with a fun side to ride.

images courtesy of Volkswagen (Norway)

Volkswagen wants its office chair to have a car-like feel (surprise, surprise). The automaker designed it to give office workers the vibe of sitting in a Volkswagen van or car without leaving their favorite second home. Instead of opting for the typical four wheels of an office chair, Volkswagen goes above and beyond by adding another wheel for a total of five rolling wheels.

They can drive, honk and listen to music, and even signal to others that the office worker is about to break down the meeting room door. It may be obvious that it is not a real car, but Volkswagen always reminds workers and users that the characteristics of the electric chair cannot be compared with the real one. electric car.

volkswagen office chair
entertainment system and LED lighting

With a range of up to 12 kilometers, workers can swing from their desk to the coffee machine and executive rooms hassle-free. If they’re in a hurry, pick up the pace and race since Volkswagen’s office chair can reach a top speed of 20 km/h.

Security fans might yearn for the office chair since Volkswagen has also installed 360° cameras and sensors, so workers can get a complete overview of any threats and disruptions that may be sneaking up on them.

volkswagen office chair
sensors and cameras on the digital screen

Office workers can deliver documents

Storage problems? No problem for volkswagen‘s desk chair since the automaker dedicates a handy, padded storage space to the back of the chair, enough to hold a laptop and stacks of annual reports and printed materials from the meeting presentation. With storage, workers also act as couriers, delivering documents from one location to another without having to walk.

volkswagen office chair
LED lighting strips for signal

If workers want to vibrate with music, they don’t need to plug their headphones into their smart phones because they can simply load the songs from the entertainment system built into the side of the chair. Cue the energy of the sizzling protagonist in a coming-of-age film.

Put on the sunglasses as the Volkswagen office chair is about to roll. Office traffic disperses as workers honk their horns (yes, there’s a horn), and they don’t have to worry about their phones running low on battery since they can always charge them with the power source connected to the chair.