Virgin River Season 5: Release Date, Spoilers, Cast and Everything You Need to Know

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Season 4 of Virgin River. Read at your own risk!]

Once again, Virgin River left its fans with a big cliffhanger and a lot of questions after its last batch of episodes. Season 4 ended with a few bombshells, including Charmaine (Lauren Hammersly) admitting that Jack (Martin Henderson) isn’t the father of her twins, Preacher (Colin Lawrence) killing Vince (Steve Bacic), and the revelation that the real pivot is a woman named Melissa, who happens to be the sister of the investor in Jack’s new venture. It’s a lot to unpack, but it looks like we’ll have time to do it.

The good news is that Virgin River has already been renewed for Season 5 and scripts are being written, although the series is not yet in production. However, we know Virgin River fans are always on the lookout for new info on the show, so TV Guide has compiled everything we know so far about the upcoming season, including some tidbits from lead actress Alexandra Breckenridge herself. about what the future holds for Jack and Mel.

Here’s everything we know so far about Virgin River Season 5.

Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge, Virgin River


Release date

Fans will have to wait a bit for Season 5, though Virgin River has a relatively quick turnaround when it comes to producing new episodes. The show isn’t in production yet, but the scripts are being written, so we expect season 5 to drop in early 2023.


Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson return as Jack and Mel, of course. Lauren Hammersley will have to be present for Charmaine to explain why she lied about the paternity of her babies for almost six months. Colin Lawrence, Ben Hollingsworth, Tim Matheson, and Annette O’Toole are also set to return as Preacher, Brady, Doc, and Hope, respectively.

After the season’s other big cliffhanger, we expect Lexa Doig to return as Paige and Zibby Allen to stick around as Jack’s sister, Brie.


TV Guide spoke to Alexandra Breckenridge about Season 4, and she gave us some insight into what’s in store for Jack and Mel in the future. Here’s what she told us about the main plot points of the series:

On Jack and Mel’s reaction to the baby announcement: “I think Mel feels, obviously, lied to and betrayed,” Breckendridge said. “I’m sure there’s an underlying sense of relief that she’ll probably never talk about with Jack. I think Jack is absolutely devastated because he’s really invested in these kids. It’s overwhelming for him. “

Of course, Charmaine’s reveal comes after a very tumultuous season for Jack and Mel, as past trauma forced Jack to take a hard look at his drinking and how he struggled to cope with the tragedies of his past. . At the end of the season, Jack and Mel finally seemed to be on the same page, but Breckenridge admitted that news of the twins’ fatherhood would cause even more tension between the couple, although it wouldn’t shake them like the events of this season.

“I think they’ve been through so much already in the very short time they got to know each other and started their relationship. I’m sure it’s going to create some tension between them,” she said. Explain. “It’s just trying to live with it. The reality is huge. If someone lies to you and says five months into their pregnancy, ‘Oh no, by the way, they’re not yours.’ It’s huge, huge, so they’re going to have to deal with it like anyone else, but I don’t think it’s going to hurt their relationship.

Lauren Hammersly, Virgin River

Lauren Hammersly, Virgin River


On Melissa and Nick’s involvement in Jack’s business: Nick (Keith MacHechnie) is a beloved citizen of Virgin River, and a wealthy one at that. He decided midway through the season to invest in Jack’s new glamping business and put up three times what Jack asked for in the initial investment. A few episodes later, we found out that Nick’s sister is actually the string puller behind the fentanyl business that Brady desperately tried to escape from, which raises a lot of questions as to whether Nick is in on the business as well. drug trade, and what it means for Jack’s new venture.

“It’s an interesting twist. Jack and Mel are such honest people that I’m surprised,” Breckenridge told TV Guide. “I’m really curious if Nick knows that Melissa is a fentanyl kingpin. I don’t really know. Obviously Nick has invested in this airflow glamping business that Jack is starting, so I think Melissa could become part of How does this relate to any danger to Jack and Mel, I don’t know!”

On Mel’s life in Virgin River without the clinic: Another surprising development in the Season 4 finale was Mel’s decision to walk away from the clinic. She does this in part to keep Cameron (Mark Ghanime) in town. He decided to leave after blatantly overstepping and trying to convince Mel to break up with Jack over his drinking, which made things very awkward. Breckenridge swears that Mel wanting to keep Cameron is only to make things easier for Doc, but it leaves Mel with a big void in her life.

“I don’t think she’s interested in mending a relationship with Cameron. I think she realizes she’s got a high-risk pregnancy, and she’s not going to stay at the clinic, and Doc refuses. She’s really worried that the town has a medical facility, so she wants Cameron to stay just for that reason,” the actress said. “I do not know what [Mel’s life without the clinic] will look like. I don’t know what Mel will do. She likes her work. She loves taking care of people, and I imagine getting away from that is going to be very difficult for her.”

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burning questions

  1. Who is the father of Charmaine’s twins?: We now know it’s not Jack. We can guess it’s not her dirty boyfriend about to leave Charmaine, given that he offered to buy the babies of Jack. Why would he do that if the children were actually his children to begin with?
  2. Will Paige and Preacher get away with murder…again?: This is the second corpse that Preacher and Paige are responsible for. Vince’s death was again caused in self-defense, but Paige is still wanted by the police, so will they report what happened to Vince? Or are they going to cover it up like they did with Wes’ body at the end of Season 2?
  3. Will Jack and Mel get caught up in a fentanyl money laundering scheme?: It seems pretty obvious that drug money is going to get involved in Jack’s glamping business, but just how much Jack and Mel will become aware of it and when remains the big question mark for Season 5. Maybe to be that there will be a way for Brady to use his leverage with Melissa to save Jack and Mel, and that will put them all back on good terms and end this story once and for all.
  4. What does Denny’s terminal diagnosis mean for Doc and Hope?: Season 4 correctly introduced us to Doc’s grandson, Denny (Kai Bradbury), but also revealed the horrific news that he has a terminal diagnosis of Hunter’s disease. Doc seems to know what’s going on, but it’s unclear what can be done for Denny in his remaining days – and what kind of effect it’s going to have on Doc and Hope, who have invited Denny into their home and their hearts.
  5. Will Cameron really stay in town? : Breckenridge was adamant that Mel had no interest in mending fences with Cameron, but does that mean he has to leave Virgin River altogether? He’s the hottest eligible bachelor in town, and while things haven’t worked out between him and Mel, there are plenty of other wonderful people in town he could make happy! He’s charming and although he needs to learn to mind his own business, he’s not exactly a villain. There is room for redemption!

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