United States season 1 episode 7? Big moves eliminate bigger threats, upcoming twists and more

The Challenge: United States aired an all-new episode Wednesday, August 17, 2022 at 9:00 p.m. ET on CBS. The packed hour-long time frame allowed viewers to witness exciting challenges and significant gameplay that led to the elimination of one of the greatest threats. As the final draws closer, the contestants have decided to bring their big guns into the game.

In this week’s episode of The Challenge: United States, Domenick pledged to break the grand alliance and the main threats in the game – Tyson, Angela and Kyland. He revealed that all three were good players with good shots ahead of them and decided to find ways to send one of them home.

Luckily for Domenick, he and his algorithm partner Cayla won the challenge and nominated Kyland and his partner Kyra for elimination alongside challenge losers Leo and Alyssa. However, the latter group gave their best and won the final challenge, which meant Kyland and Kyra went home, and Domenick managed to take down a significant threat.

What happened on The Challenge: United States Season 1 Episode 7?

This week’s episode of The Challenge: United States began with host TJ Lavin entering the algorithm and assigning new partners for the game.

When the old Survivor alums Tyson and Sarah teamed up, what followed was a big surprise. The latter has already had problems with Tyson when he put her in elimination after having ensured her safety. It would therefore be difficult for the duo to meet this challenge.

Back in the compound, an alliance of power players and masterminds, Tyson, Angela and Kyland, had begun to cause trouble with the rest of The Challenge: United States cast members. Domenick wished to take a big step and break the alliance if given the chance.

Tyson also tried to work through his issues with Sarah. However, both knew it was only on the surface and the tensions were still there.

Meanwhile, Fantastic race alum Leo received a video call from his girlfriend, who was not happy that he was in the game as she took care of her business and personal commitments at home.

“A relationship is about responding to your partner’s strengths and weaknesses”For Danny and Kiki, this also applies to driving 😂 #TheChallengeUSA https://t.co/cI4GjAnDoJ

After revealing that the company was taking losses, he pledged to quit the game. However, after his gambling partner Alyssa made it clear to him that he was risking his game, he opted to stay back. and earn money for his business.

For the main round of The Challenge: United Statescontestants had to go through the “rational wreck driving” task, where one of the players would be blindfolded while driving the car, and his partner instructed him to crash into the cars of the other cast members and d avoid blows to their own vehicle.

While Leo and Angela were the first to lose the competition after getting stuck, Domenick and Cayla were the ones who fought to the bitter end and won the challenge. They had to name a pair alongside the losing team to advance to the knockout round.

While Leo pledged to get back into the game, Angela and Kyland shared their specific reasons with the challenge winners as to why they shouldn’t be on the block. Domenick and Cayla had several options – they could set up one of the strongest threats to ruin the winner’s alliance, or they could follow Sarah’s plan to get money for the finals by putting her on her and Tyson in elimination.

During the elimination round of The Challenge: United States, Domenick and Cayla named Kyland and Kyra alongside Leo and Alyssa. Although Kyland and Kyra took the lead initially, a few wrong answers cost them their game and the duo were later eliminated from the competition.

At the end of the episode, host TJ Lavin revealed that there was a twist coming to the game. The episode ended on a cliffhanger, with him announcing that they were getting rid of the algorithm. The algorithm dictated the game until now, assigning new partners every week, which interfered with the way competitors played their game.

With the algorithm gone, it will be interesting to see how The Challenge: United States the cast members discuss what’s to come next and what’s in store for them. If the previews are anything to go by, viewers are going to witness plenty of drama in the upcoming episodes as the challenges get even more complex and the games get personal.

Don’t forget to tune in for next week’s episode of The Challenge: United States Wednesday, August 24, 2022 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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