Ultraleap’s $ 82 Million Series D, HIKKY Social VR gets $ 57 Million, and Nreal is here!


The eagerly awaited The $ 599 Nreal Mixed Reality Glasses Launches in the US on Verizon today. My exam unit is sitting next to me, waiting for its 5G SIM card. The makers of TopGolf ProPutt, one of Quest’s gems, today launched Golf + on the Quest. This is the best golf simulation I have ever played. Frustratingly similar to real golf, but costs a lot less time and treasure. Meanwhile, in the Metaverse, XR start-ups attract big investors with open portfolios.

Ultraleap Raises $ 82 Million Series D We had the opportunity to speak to Founder and CEO, Tom Carter, who describes his company’s unique hand-tracking technology as “the layer between the metaverse and human reality”. This is what everyone who isn’t Meta (Pico, Varjo, etc.) will use, says $ 82 million.

Social VR startup HIKKY raises $ 57 million investment. Hikky’s Vket Cloud Platform is an open metaverse platform where users can host virtual spaces accessible through any web browser on their own domains. The tour was conducted by the Japanese telephone company NTT Docomo.

Qualcomm revealed at an investor event that its Oculus Quest 2 sales were ten million units. They would know. They made the chips that make it work. Sony hasn’t broken Playstation numbers for quite some time. They are probably number two now. By adding the PCVR numbers, there can be over twenty million mainstream 6 DOF HMD VR in the wild.

The future of immersive VR? “Chemical haptics” applied to your skin. Researchers at the University of Chicago take it a step further by simulating physical sensations using chemicals applied to your skin.

SPREE location-based virtual reality goes global, bringing new technologies to old attractions. I’ve always wanted to know how VR bumper cars work. You don’t bump, it turns out you fly.

Fight ghosts in augmented reality in “Ghostbusters: Afterlife ScARe” Created by Imprezario Entertainment to promote the upcoming film, Ghostbusters: Afterlife ScARe is more than just a mobile game. It takes advantage of your phone’s camera, haptics, touchscreen, LED light, ASMR audio (headset highly recommended) and other features of your phone to immerse you in an interactive experience full body that allows you to physically dodge and dodge incoming slime attacks. And it’s free.

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