Twitter launches multi-destination carousel ads

Twitter launched new multi-destination carousel ads available for website clicks, video views, engagement, and audience goals.

After beta testing, Twitter announced the rollout of multi-destination last week Carousel ads, designed to support campaigns with website clicks, video views, engagement, and audience goals. In addition, they are only available on the web at the moment.

Until now, Twitter has only offered single-destination carousel ads for the same purposes as well as app installs. The announcement came as an update to the previous one blog post when Twitter started offering carousel ads on its platform.

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With multi-destination carousels, advertisers can personalize headlines and landing pages to help drive the right actions for their audience. Built from the existing Carousel ad format, the new option gives advertisers more flexibility to diversify their message with unique titles and URLs on each carousel card instead of its previous single destination offering.

One swipe engages visitors with multiple images or videos, and one click takes them to different destinations.

Beta testing of multi-destination website carousels showed that the feature resulted in an average 20% increase in click-through rate on all objectives, compared to single-element website cards, and a 25% increase. CTR for campaigns that optimize the site visit. reconversions.

The feature is also available organically through Tweet Composer. Twitter recommends leveraging it through performance or branding campaigns, using its creative flexibility to highlight multiple products or illustrate a story.

In addition to the above, Twitter is also testing other essential website click-through products, such as site visit optimization, an enhanced buying model dedicated to research and serving ads to. audiences most likely to visit an advertiser’s website.

Multi-destination carousel ads are a great way for brands to stand out and spark good deeds from potential customers ahead of the holiday shopping season.

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