Turn back the hands of time this weekend in Maine

Have a good Monday and a good November.

If you hang out most Monday mornings and already think about the weekend, next weekend DST ends and we “fall back” to Eastern Standard Time.

The clocks go back Saturday evening / Sunday morning which means an extra hour this weekend. For some an hour of extra sleep, but it’s your time. Do whatever you want with it.

Is this the last time we adjust the clocks? Probably not, but there has been a growing movement across the country to eliminate the clock change in the spring and fall.

Every year more and more people say Choose one or the other and stick with it. Be consistent all year round. There are certainly pros and cons for both sides of the conversation. And for those who want to remove daylight saving time, or winter time, there are conversations about who goes and which stays all year, every year.

Do you want it to get brighter earlier in the day or to stay brighter later in the evening.

Some parts of America – Arizona for example – do not observe Daylight Saving Time. It’s hot enough in the summer without adding another hour of sunshine to the evenings. Wasn’t that the original purpose of daylight saving time, so farmers had more light later in the day in summer, so they worked longer. This is of course the tractors before. And tractors with headlights. Not to mention the air conditioning.

Good luck with the microwave this coming weekend, most other clocks correct themselves automatically.

Scott Gries, Getty Images

And remember Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett were right. It’s five o’clock somewhere. It’s just darker.

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