Top-Rated Things To Do In Chicago

This windy city of Chicago sits on the shores of Lake Michigan. It is known for many things, such as cultural attractions, exciting architecture, and vibrant arts. There are a wide range of reasons in Chicago that attract visitors from across the United States and around the world.

This city has a worldwide reputation for 20th century art and architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan, along with artists like Dubuffet and Picasso, deserve credit. Additionally, the beaches there along the waterfront attract sun-seekers when the sun shines at full blast in the summer. However, visiting Chicago depends on your interests as there is plenty to do in all four seasons. Below are fun things to do on your next visit to Chicago.

There are many websites that can help you find the fun things to do in Chicago. However, some of them may be geo-restricted if you are outside the United States. You can use a US VPN to bypass them and access them from anywhere in the world, so you know what to do if you plan to visit Chicago during the holidays.

Top Rated Activities in Chicago

  • Visit the Art Institute of Chicago

It is a world-class museum with thousands of works of art. Some of the museum’s artwork dates back thousands of years with a variety of prints, decorative arts, painting, photography, sculpture and textiles.

Coolidge, Rutan and Shepley designed the main building in the Beaux Arts style. It was completed in 1893, and after that many buildings were added as it now measures around 400,000 square feet. It is located at 111 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

  • Walk through Millennium Park

This park is part of the larger Grant Park, located in downtown Chicago and bordered by Michigan Avenue to the west, Columbus Drive to the east, Randolph Street to the north, and Monroe Street to the south. Cloud Gate is its centerpiece which weighs 110 tons and is made of polished stainless steel. It is said to have been inspired by liquid mercury, which perfectly reflects its surroundings and includes buildings, tourists and the sky.

Additionally, its Crown Fountain is another Millennium Park attraction. It is the modern interpretation of the ancient gargoyle. It gives an appearance of flowing water from the projected images of the citizens of Chicago. You can find it at 201 East Randolph Street, Illinois.

  • You can walk around Navy Pier

It opened in 1916 with the intention of being an expedition facility with an entertainment area, but currently it is one of Chicago’s most famous tourist attractions. It currently has 50 acres of gardens, restaurants, attractions, concert halls and shops. Additionally, there is also a 150-acre Ferris wheel with a historic carousel at Navy Pier Park.

Besides, you can also watch a movie at the 3D Imax theater or visit the Crystal Gardens; basically, there’s plenty to do that won’t bore you. There are also festivals taking place here throughout the year, which you can enjoy with your loved ones and family. You can find Navy Pier at 600 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

  • Go for the stars at the Adler Planetarium

What it has to offer is appreciable by locals and tourists from all states. It is the first planetarium in the western hemisphere which was established in 1930 on the shore of Lake Michigan. There are two domes where you can watch a variety of shows, including the moon, night sky, and solar system.

Also, don’t forget to miss Skyline Walk along the perimeter. If you love pictures, this place will be perfect for you with the city skyline on a boat cruise. You can find it at 1300 S. DuSable Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois.


There are many places like these to visit in Chicago, and it’s what makes Chicago one of the best places to visit in the United States. Whether it’s your vacation or a long drive with your loved ones, Chicago will never disappoint. Also, if you are someone who lives outside the United States, you can use a US VPN to access geo-restricted websites here to see what activities you should do when you come to Chicago.