Tokyo Revengers season finale ends with massive cliffhanger

Massive spoilers for the Tokyo Revengers anime below! Tokyo Avengers just wrapped up the anime’s first season on a massive cliffhanger! The first adaptation of Ken Wakui’s original manga series was one of the biggest hits of the spring and summer anime shows, and has now ended its 24 episodes with its latest release. With the end of the Bloody Halloween arc and the fallout from Toman and Valhalla’s great fight over the last few episodes, the series is now gearing up for an unexpected new status quo.

As fans saw in the last episode of the season, Takemichi Hanegaki managed to achieve a new rank within the Toman group. There were some big changes in the set as Toman and Valhalla officially merged after the battle, and a look back at Takemichi’s present reveals that Kisaki has grown to be much more influential and celebrated within the group. With that, however, Takemichi soon finds himself in a surprisingly gory finale, and the episode’s final moments leave fans on the anime’s biggest cliffhanger yet.

The series’ season finale sees Mikey declaring that Toman and Valhalla are now officially a 450-strong group, and Kisaki is celebrated as one of the heroes who made it all possible after the events of Bloody Halloween. Takemichi officially becomes the First Division Commander (with Chifuyu appointed as Vice Commander), and he’s so happy with everything that has happened for the group that he returns to the present to see how much that has changed. Toman himself had grown into a much larger and more influential group, and Takemichi remains one of the top ranks to this day.

(Photo: Liden Films)

The twist, however, is that in this timeline Mikey disappeared and Draken had been executed, so Kisaki is leading the group now. But in the final moments, Kisaki then kills the adult Chifuyu and prepares to kill the elder Takemichi for betraying and working against him for the past 12 years. He reveals that he planned for Baji’s death from the start (as a suspect) and points a gun at Takemichi’s head as the final moments of the episode unfold. With a tear streaming down his cheek, he calls Takemichi “my hero” in reference to something and the screen goes black when a gunshot is heard.

Takemichi’s fate now hangs in the balance as the second season of Tokyo Avengers has not yet been announced. It would be a pretty intense cliffhanger if the anime never made a comeback, so hopefully that kind of cliffhanger means a second season is almost officially confirmed. Either way, it definitely stings and might push some fans to check out this original manga. But what did you think of this cliffhanger?

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