This 1/5 scale RC tank goes 35 MPH anywhere it wants

Let’s face it, owning a collection of exciting cars is very difficult for most people. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to cash in on car enthusiasm. Take for example the Xtreme RC Brawler V2, which takes the radio controlled cars of your youth and turns them into miniature supercars. This impressive RC tank is capable of astounding performance while costing far less than a second car, making it a great way to enjoy your passion for cars in a reasonable way. Also, the Brawler V2 outperforms most cars anyway.

The Brawler V2 is created by Xtreme RC, a UK based RC car manufacturer that creates the best performing RC vehicles. On a new Kickstarter project, you can finance the creation of the Brawler V2 and have the opportunity to own one at a reduced price. For $ 504 (£ 373) you can get one of the first Brawler V2s with a 25% discount. Trust us, it will be any RC tank you want.

According to the Brawler V2 Kickstarter listing, “Powered by 2 hobbywing 2200kv motors and 12 lipo cells, the brawler has a better power-to-weight ratio than a Ferrari 458, with much better off-road capabilities too! This powerful little machine is built to withstand abuse and has built-in reinforced metal bash plates along with a metal bumper and brace beams to handle any extreme abuse.

According to Xtreme RC, “The hobbywing systems powering the Brawler were chosen for their proven reliability and ridiculous power output. And there are two that give out 8bhp, propelling the 20kg brawler to 40mph in seconds. These motors are mounted on custom designed gearboxes and large size bearings, ensuring that their power is delivered smoothly. “

To make your Brawler V2 even more enjoyable, it offers the option to share FPV videos so that you can pretend you are a rally car driver. For auto enthusiasts looking for an affordable second car designed for fun, it’s hard to beat the Brawler V2.

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