These are the most painful stunts in the Jackass movies

the Donkey The franchise has been a cultural phenomenon that has delivered some of the most entertaining content of our generation. The stunts performed are vicious, dangerous and amazing. It started with shopping carts, and now we’re seeing multi-million dollar funded stunts. The crew behind Donkey are all very charismatic individuals who create on-screen characters that have delighted audiences for years. Skateboarding culture seems to be central to all of the movies as well as the TV show. There’s a rebellious spirit behind Donkey movies that make it so fascinating for young adults. That said, we’ve seen many negative consequences of the cast, including injury and addiction.

the Donkey franchise comes from the minds of Jeff Tremaine, Spike Jonze and Johnny Knoxville. Knoxville began his career testing self-defense equipment and writing about the results. His writing caught the attention of Big Brother magazine, where Jeff Tremaine happened to be an editor. From there, Knoxville began filming stunt videos, gathering future Donkey stars like Chris Pontius and Dave England. Soon after, their videos caught the attention of famed filmmaker Spike Jonze. Knoxville was offered a deal to feature his videos on Saturday Night Live, but instead decided to produce his own series on MTV. Since, Donkey has become a staple of modern entertainment, spanning many years. Let’s see the most painful Donkey stunts to date.

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8 paper cuts

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Many people have said that there is no worse pain than a paper cut. It’s something everyone tries to avoid. In this Jackass: the movie stuntman, Johnny Knoxville leads the team by inducing self-harm via paper-cutting. Knoxville begins by slipping the paper between his toes. To his surprise, he laughs about it after cutting himself. After Knoxville, Steve-O slides the paper into the crevices of his lips, giving us a grating and painful spectacle.

seven Riot test

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The riot test is definitely one of the most dangerous Donkey waterfalls. This appears in jackass number two and features Knoxville, Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn. A weapons expert explains the technology as a machine that fires rubber bullets at 500 feet per second. When testing the technology, Margera and Dunn were quite reluctant to do the stunt. However, they all agreed to do the stunt, and the rubber bullets brought the crew to their knees in pain. Margera is actually crying in pain, and the marks on their bodies were quite disturbing.

6 Hive Limo

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This epic stunt consists of Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville pouring a bucket of bees into a limo carrying Ryan Dunn, Dave England, Steve-O and Wee Man. The unsuspecting crew are violently stung by the swarm of bees as they desperately try to escape the limo. To make matters worse, the crew threw a bunch of marbles outside the limo, so we can watch each crew member slipping out. It was certainly one of the most elaborate and painful stunts of jackass number two.

5 Golf carts

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It was one of the most dangerous Jackass: the movie stunts that nearly ended in tragedy. Knoxville and his crew get golf carts and race them while going through ramps and encountering statues on a miniature golf course. The crew crash into each other like bumper cars, but the stunt is cut short after Knoxville’s golf cart flips. We watch the crew frantically run to help Knoxville. Fortunately, he was virtually unscathed.

4 The hook

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Steve-O leads the way in this epic stunt in jackass number two. He begins by piercing his own cheek with a hook. This part alone would be intimidating to almost anyone. To make matters worse, Steve-O jumps into shark-infested waters. This stunt was certainly an inspiration for the spin-off wild boys with Steve-O and Chris Pontius. This is a waterfall that would definitely scare anyone afraid of sharks or water.

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3 Mouse traps

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Ehren McGhehey leads the way in this epic stunt disguised as a mouse. Arranged on the ground, hundreds of mouse traps are ready to use. McGhehey’s goal is to get to the other side of the room, but he’s completely taken by the pain of the snapping mousetraps. We watch McGhehy roll in the traps and when he’s done, his so-called friends throw some more at him.

2 Department Store Boxing

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In this prank, Knoxville takes on a professional boxer known as Butterbean. In this epic stunt, Knoxville and Butterbean walk into a department store and have a boxing match. Unsuspecting viewers are stunned when they see the fight. Unsurprisingly, Knoxville is knocked out by the professional boxer. He had a bloody scalp wound and had to be taken to hospital. It was one of many injuries Knoxville suffered during his years of filming. Donkey.

1 The High Five


Several cast members fall victim to the epic Knoxville prank in 3d donkey. Ryan Dunn, among others, unsuspectingly walks down the hallway only to be crushed to the ground by a giant swinging hand. Some of them are holding trays of food, which is even worse. The best part of the stunt is when Bam Margera gets into the hand which is attached to an exploding flour sack.

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