The Yellowjackets Season 2 Will Revisit Winter’s Story

The Showtime horror-mystery series Yellowjackets will revisit the wintry storyline that was teased in the Season 1 premiere and its finale.

Showtime’s horror-mystery series yellow jackets will revisit the wintry plot that the end of season 1 teases. yellow jackets premiered in November 2021, and follows a high school girl’s soccer team, the Yellowjackets, after they become stranded in the desert following a plane crash on their way to their final competition. The series features two timelines: that of the team as they struggle to survive in the woods, and that of 25 years later when those who survived are adults. In both timelines, horrific events occur including murder, blackmail, and mutilation by wolves, to name a few.

yellow jackets season 1 episode 1 begins with a flash-forward to the team in the woods during the winter, but the rest of the season shows them stranded during the summer until season 1 episode 10 when the winter is finally coming overnight. This not only destabilizes the Yellowjackets due to the added difficulty of surviving in an excruciatingly cold environment, but also foreshadows the formation of new power dynamics. Part of this includes the last scene of the yellow jackets season 1 finale, which shows Lottie Matthews (Courtney Eaton) offering a bear heart to a makeshift altar, then kneeling with Van (Liv Hewson) and Misty (Samantha Hanratty).


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Now yellow jackets showrunners Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson talk Variety that season 2 will look back on events to come as the girls face a harsh winter. film for yellow jackets Season 2 is set to begin in late summer, but Lyle says that won’t stop the storyline from taking place in the winter, and conversations with the production team about how to create a setting that looks like a scary atmosphere began. Lyle shares that the show’s writers dubbed Season 2 “The winter of their discontent“, a reference to John Steinbeck’s book of the same title. A full quote from Lyle on the challenge of making late summer look like winter for yellow jackets season 2 can be read below:

“We’re starting these production conversations and we have some really amazing, creative people on our team, so it’s going to be the movie magic in play.”

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The emergence of the cult faction at the end of season 1, as well as how Shauna as a teenager (Sophie Nelisse) will survive the winter while pregnant lines up yellow jackets season 2 will be even more biting and disturbing than the previous one. Beyond that, the possibility that the cult that began in the woods is now more widespread 25 years later is another haunting factor. If Lottie is in fact alive and in charge of the cult years later, and is also responsible for Natalie’s kidnapping (Juliette Lewis) which takes place at the end of yellow jackets season 1, then Shauna, Taissa and Misty will have their work cut out trying to save her.

Hope the winter set design during a summer shoot for yellow jackets season 2 won’t take away from the horror thrills fans have come to expect from the cliffhanger at the end of season 1. There’s clearly talent in the set design, props and makeup departments for yellow jackets like even the pilot, the brutal portrayal of a broken leg with a protruding bone sets the tone for how far the series is willing to go to show off every gory detail. This, along with learning what ruthless actions the Yellowjackets must take in winter to survive, as well as gaining insight into how the cult grows and what power it may still hold in the current timeline, is something viewers can look forward to with impatient when yellow jackets Season 2 premieres.

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