The Weirdest Food Item at the 2022 State Fair

If you were asked what makes a Bloody Mary, you would probably say vodka and lots of tomato juice. What you probably wouldn’t say are waffle fries and corn dogs – unless you were wandering around the Indiana State Fair, working with a State Fair Mary.

The Indiana State Fair’s take on the veggie-infused cocktail is more or less a combination of 24 ounces of alcohol and as much food from a food truck as you can handle. Some of the toppings at a State Fair Mary include fried cheese curd, waffle fries, fried mac and cheese bites, mini corn dogs, fried pickles, copious amounts of bacon, and a filling consisting of a BBQ pulled pork slider. This huge drink follows other treats such as Pretzel Nacho Bites, a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos rolling taco, deep-fried brownies, and caramel corn flavored beer.

Is a State Fair Mary the healthiest thing in the world? Probably not. Is it wild enough to try just for fun? Sure. Going to a state fair is all about having fun and enjoying the sights and sounds. Even if it’s a little greasy, there’s no harm in making memories with a Bloody Mary filled with sea bass in one hand and a box of nachos loaded with everything in the other.