The tiger nibbles the bumper of the car and drags it, Anand Mahindra wonders if he found the vehicle “delicious”

Everything is fun on a jungle safari, until a wild animal tries to get up close. Now, in one of those videos shared by business mogul Anand Mahindra, a tiger was seen trying to chew on a vehicle and even drag it by the jaws!

In the clip, a group of tourists are seen seated inside a safari vehicle, with wire mesh covering the windows. However, as the car stands on the road for a better view, the fat cat attempts to bite the rear bumper of the black car.

Mahindra shared the video he saw on Signal and wrote in a lighter vein: “Well this car is a Xylo so I guess I’m not surprised he’s chewing it. view that Mahindra cars are Deeeliciousss. “

Although the business mogul said the incredible footage came from Theppakadu in Tamil Nadu, a person believed to have been inside the vehicle in question responded to his post saying it took place in the National Park of Bannerghatta in Bangalore.

He also provided links to another angle on the tiger attack, saying the thrilling encounter happened in November of last year. However, contrary to Mahindra’s tasty analogy, the man informed that after the vehicle was pulled by the big cat, the car refused to start and broke down.

Watch the full encounter here:

The post garnered a lot of attention on the site and left internet users divided online. While some thought it wasn’t really good for the vehicle’s publicity, others wondered if it was safe to save the tiger from so close as it could have attacked the person.

Many have also debated that such jungle safari vehicles often leave the wild animal anxious, hoping that there is a better way to appreciate animals in their natural surroundings.