The secret meaning of Al’s dress

The following contains spoilers for Episode 2 of I Got Stronger When I Improved My Farming Skills, “The Farmer and the Guild,” now available to stream on HIDIVE.

I kinda got stronger when I upgraded my farm related skills (Farming made me stronger) is a new fantasy adventure story that follows the insanely strong farmer Al Wayne. With the first episode showing how Al saved Princess Fal-Ys and her kingdom from destruction by an infiltrating demon, Al continues to help others while tending to his precious farm.

Episode 2, “The Farmer and the Guild”, introduces Al to the life of an adventurer, where he reluctantly walks away from the peaceful farming life he desires as he meets people he doesn’t. just can’t ignore. Thanks to his inability to turn a blind eye to people’s suffering, Al finds himself caught up in Helen Rean’s dangerous past that seems to be invading them – and her new dress may just be the key to unraveling several mysteries.

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Helen Rean, Adventurer’s Guild Receptionist

One of Al’s fateful encounters is with the beautiful Helen Rean, a receptionist at the Adventurers’ Guild whom Princess Fal-Ys convinces him to join. Helen helps Al settle in as the new adventurer and gifts him with a magic-infused robe that soon becomes one of her defining traits, but Helen has a past she doesn’t remember – a past that has come back to haunt her. .

Helen was adopted by Won Rean and her husband 15 years ago after she was found on the banks of the River Snus with no memories other than her name and the dress she eventually gave Al. episode, flashbacks of what appears to be Helen’s traumatic past that she had forgotten cause her memory lapses, then fade after seeing a black scale that Al brought back, following a brief but dangerous experience with the malevolent dragon Ouroboros.

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Sensing there must be a connection between Helen and Ouroboros’ missing childhood memories, Al vows to find out more to discover a way to stop the malevolent dragon from wreaking havoc. With Won Rean’s warning not to do anything dangerous, Al heads to the library to find clues that might help relieve Helen of her suffering.

Later, with the help of Princess Fal-Ys, Al uncovers information about what might have been the village Helen was born in, the village of Honol. Damage reports found by the couple indicate that the village of Honol was wiped out 15 years ago by the malevolent dragon Ouroboros, who was allegedly defeated after a battle with his natural enemy, the benevolent dragon Mirage. However, the pair do not understand how Ouroboros could still be alive, and many questions remain unexplained.

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The meaning of the dress

After discovering the village of Honol, Al and Fal-Ys both set off to investigate the ruins, where they encounter the ghost of Helen’s younger brother, Rai, who has been waiting for someone who can hear his voice. The pair quickly realize that only Al can see and hear Rai, possibly due to the way Al and Rai wear the same magical robe.

Although the question remains as to why Helen suddenly gave the dress that was her only link to her forgotten past to a stranger she had just met, it can be inferred that Helen instinctively knew that Al was powerful enough to do it. to help, despite his ignorance. of the dangers that surrounded him. With her traumatic memories slowly passing through, Helen could have been subconsciously waiting for someone who could go to her village and uncover the mystery behind her past so they could defeat the malevolent dragon Ouroboros that haunted her memories.

The episode ends with Rai’s introduction and many questions remain unanswered. However, fans can anticipate a resolution to this cliffhanger and the exciting events that will follow in Episode 3, “The Farmer and The Malevolent Dragon Ouroboros.” With Al’s inability to ignore someone in trouble in front of him, he takes it upon himself to help Helen, with the dress she gave him possibly the key to unraveling the mystery behind Helen’s memory loss. Helen and how to defeat the calamity class dragon. with even higher status than the farming-loving hero.