The Resident: Cade’s father complicates his recovery in front of Conrad in a new episode

the resident is quickly approaching its season 5 finale, and the episodes that preceded have already delivered twists worthy of a finale. Fortunately, Cade’s severe injury when she was shot didn’t result in his death or a cliffhanger to keep fans hanging all summer, and the next episode on May 10 will reveal his recovery following the arrival of his father. In a new episode clip (seen above), Cade’s father attempts to encourage his daughter in her recovery while Conrad supervises, but she clarifies that their relationship is extremely complicated.

Dr. Ian Sullivan arrived in Chastain as fast as he could to donate his very rare blood type to his daughter when she seemed doomed to die from her injuries in the previous episode (which you can check out with a Hulu subscription), although Conrad and Co. luckily found a way to save it in other ways. However, he didn’t just pack his bags and head back to his other hospital, and Cade doesn’t seem entirely thrilled that he’s there. Even before he presents her with banana pudding that could have killed her in the clip!

Her father’s return is clearly already complicating her situation as she struggles to deal with her fears of leaving her hospital room after being nearly killed. It seems to go much further than just Cade being “stubborn”, although she doesn’t seem to appreciate his flippant diagnosis of PTSD. Conrad, for one, doesn’t seem to immediately understand Cade’s feelings about his father, as she admitted that she “practically raised myself.”

It’s hard to blame Conrad, because Ian’s charm seems to be one of his defining qualities, but if mistaking a banana allergy for a strawberry allergy isn’t a clue to their relationship, I don’t know what is! It’s a good sign that Cade feels good enough to go back to some of her old ways, even if she doesn’t feel too confident about getting back on her feet and walking around. In the episode – aptly called “The Proof’s in the Pudding” – his father will also step in to help with an operation, so he won’t give him his full attention even though he’s still in Chastain.

“The Proof’s in the Pudding” is the penultimate episode of the resident‘s fifth season, so fans definitely won’t want to miss the full story of what happens with Cade and his father, as well as the rest of the characters. Next week’s finale will feature the return of none other than Emily VanCamp, who reprises his role as Nic for some flashbacks it could help Conrad understand how he can move on of the heartbreaking death of his wife.

Given the will they won’t do that’s been building between Conrad and Cade all season, Nic’s return could also be meaningful for his character, though only time and the Season 5 finale will tell. . Billie is another candidate for Conrad’s heart, and they had an emotional conversation about Nic while Cade was in surgery, so it’s hard to guess what’s next. The “The Proof’s in the Pudding” episode of the resident airs Tuesday, May 10 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox, followed by the finale next week.