The Man Who Fell to Earth EP Teases Season 2 Plans

show time The man who fell to earth aired its first-season finale on Sunday, but that may not be the end of Faraday’s story. Jenny Lumet and Alex Kurtzman created The man who fell to earth as a sequel to the 1976 films of the same name starring David Bowie, itself based on the 1963 novel by Walter Tevis. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays the alien Faraday with Bill Nighy as Thomas Newton, Faraday’s predecessor played by Bowie in the original film. The series has been well received by critics but Showtime has yet to announce a second season. Kurtzman remains hopeful that a second season is coming.

“You know, I think I never like to count my chickens, and honestly, I feel like approaching every season of every show in some way like it’s the last season because I think the audiences need to feel like the journey they’ve just had eight to 10 to 12 episodes on is satisfying on its own,” Kurtzman said. Deadline. “Do we have a second season in mind? Of course. Of course.”

These second season ideas didn’t begin to materialize until well before that first season was produced. “Well, I think halfway through the first season, it became clear that we wanted a second season,” Kurtzman said. “Obviously the finale sets up a lot of things. Are the aliens coming back? What’s it gonna be like? If season 1 was a metaphor for immigration, forget season 2 when they show up all. It looks like a really compelling attacking zone.”

For his part, Ejiofor would be satisfied if the series ended with Sunday’s finale. “I would say from my perspective there was something very comprehensive about it and that was what was immediately exciting,” he says. “It was complete. You know, it wasn’t the kind of structure where you liked to have had all these questions at the end and all kind of held on a cliffhanger and you don’t feel satisfied by the conclusion of this one. It was like as a performer, as an actor, and also reading the script, it was like everything was answered in an essential way, and that also leaves room. I want say, a very exciting room for story development if it turned out that way.

The man who fell to earthThe entire first season is now available on Showtime.