The Last of Us’ Arcade is a real-world location … but it’s shutting down

Sharknife’s Corey Lewis expresses his sadness at the closure of a location in Seattle that Naughty Dog put into The Last of Us Part II’s level design.

A notable The Last of Us Part II the location will officially shut down thanks to another doomsday outbreak.

Comic book creator Corey Lewis mourned Seattle’s GameWorks arcade, along with all the other GameWorks, which will be shutting down due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. “It’s the day I’ve been dreading for years. Seattle is on the verge of losing some interesting points,” Lewis wrote. “The place has been an oasis, an area filled with creativity with hidden rooms, walkways, games, places to draw, gather, drink [and] to be happy. Basically the Exact Thing We Need MORE in Society [and] I felt blessed that we had this the least. … No more… we love you [GameWorks]. “

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Lewis also reflected on his memories of GameWorks and what his loss means for Seattle in the future. “No matter what was going on, you could count on Seattle lowkey to have one of the craziest arcades in the world… What now? It’s just a big, stupid city,” he continued.

The Last of Us Part II released in June 2020 to a mixed reception – universally praised by critics but dividing fans for the way its revenge storyline has played out. Despite the backlash, Naughty Dog’s game not only won Game of the Year at the 2020 Game Awards, but beat The Witcher 3: Wild Huntrecord for most Game of the Year awards won by a single title.

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Although never officially named in The Last of Us Part II, Ellie visits an abandoned arcade reminiscent of GameWorks via a motorboat on her last day in Seattle in search of Joel’s killer, Abby. Stopping inside to open a door blocking the way to the city’s Ferris wheel and aquarium, Ellie’s mission is briefly hijacked after she falls into a closed playroom. This leads to a brief mini-boss battle with a Bloater – one of Cordycep’s biggest infected zombies – who has since turned the building into his lair.

Prior to The Last of Us Part II, the first game Left behind The DLC saw Ellie and her best friend Riley visit the fictional Raja’s Arcade while sneaking through an abandoned Boston mall. Currently a The last of us The HBO series is currently in development, with leaked photos revealing several live-action adaptations of the game franchise’s franchise settings like The last of us” Boston Quarantine Zone and Jackson’s Colony second partopenness level. While a release date has yet to be revealed, actor Gabriel Luna, who plays Joel’s brother Tommy, has hinted that he may drop on HBO “sooner rather than later.”

The Last of Us II is currently available on the PlayStation Store. HBO The last of us is expected to be released sometime in 2022.

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Sources: Twitter, Gamesradar

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