The impressive Skoda Vision 7S concept is a Kia EV9 rival the US will never get

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, electric has become the new name of the game. The amount of money invested in the electric vehicle segment is increasing day by day and almost every established manufacturer has announced their future electrical plans with concepts and models close to production. Among the recently unveiled electric concepts, Kia’s EV9 concept has been the talk of the town. However, it already has a rival in terms of being a concept we already wish was real, and it comes from Czech automaker Skoda which is known for making cars like the Yeti, the fast-paced Octavia RS, and the latter time, the Enyaq Coupe.

The car we are talking about is called Skoda Vision 7S Concept. It’s a concept study that shows what they have planned for markets like India, but unfortunately not for markets like America. Nevertheless, we can still appreciate an interesting concept and the Vision 7S certainly is. The seven-seat electric SUV offers many firsts for the company. This includes an all-new design language from which all of its electric offerings will be drawn, creature comforts features that will make you say “in a Skoda?” and a very promising powertrain.

Above all, the Skoda Vision 7S concept is painfully pretty. And while it won’t be coming to the United States, it deserves a closer look.

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The Skoda Vision 7S concept has a striking exterior

The Vision 7S is a full-size SUV that can rival the Kia EV9 Concept. The prototype of the car was presented recently and we expect some serious friction between the two, at least on paper. But going back to the design of the Vision 7S, the car comes with a completely new design language, including a new Skoda logo inscribed on the bonnet. Up front, the car has a bold and butch look with its distinctive T-shaped headlights, a sturdy bumper and a rather slim grille.

On the sides you see square wheel arches which house huge 22 inch alloy wheels. The car also gets flush door handles which are placed vertically for a more polished look. The rugged philosophy is also carried over to the rear where the bumper design is similar to the front with vertical slats and slim LED lights. A large roof spoiler completes the look. Interestingly, the Vision 7S is also the very first Skoda to feature a matte finish paint option.

The interior of the Skoda Vision 7S concept is a glimpse of the future

It is inside that Skoda has worked hard to make the car distinctive. Starting with the underlying philosophy which seems quite futuristic even for a 7-seater Skoda SUV in its concept form. The cabin matches the extravagant exterior of the car. The seats inside the car can be configured in two different ways: the usual “Drive” mode and the “Relax” mode. While Drive mode takes over while the car is in motion, Relax mode literally relaxes the occupant by pushing back the steering wheel, turning and tilting the seats as well as rotating the 14.6-inch screen so you and your fellow travelers can enjoy a movie while you charge your vehicle.

In terms of design, it must be said that the general idea is quite minimalist, with only a few dials for the climate control and a rather simple digital driver display which is placed above the oblong steering wheel.

Additionally, Skoda has made extensive use of sustainable materials in the cabin. The interior is without leather. The floor was created using old recycled tires, while the fabrics come from recycled polyester yarn. Fortunately, the company has decided to stick with physical buttons for certain functions positioned below the floating infotainment screen.

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Skoda Vision 7S concept embraces the electric future

The Vision 7S gets an 89kWh battery, giving it a range of 373 miles. This is partly due to aerodynamic tweaks such as the closed alloy wheel design and the shuttered grille. On top of that, the car will also be capable of 200kW fast charging which will recharge the car from 10% to 80% in less than half an hour.

The Skoda Vision 7S is also significant because it will be one of the few models that will mark the end of the Volkswagen Group’s modular MEB platform, which will be phased out from 2025, before the move to the Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) architecture.

Skoda says the Vision 7S concept will most likely go into production in 2026. Until then, we can only hope that Skoda retains most of the elements from the concept to the production model and maybe bring it to the US as well. an alternative to the electric SUV based on the Kia EV9 concept. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of rivalry?

Source: Skoda Auto, Skoda press room