The editorial board: It seems to us – The magic of the carousel, hooking reckless drivers and finding freedom on all fours | Editorial

Members of the National Carousel Association will take a ride Thursday on the Buffalo Heritage Carousel.

John Hickey / Buffalo News

News Editorial Board

It’s not that we didn’t already know it, but who doesn’t like the assertion? When visitors representing the National Carousel Association saw what Buffalo has in Canalside, they struggled to contain themselves.

“I think it’s spectacular,” said John Caruso of Brooklyn, one of the association’s 103 members from 23 states. “We have been waiting to see it since we discovered the restoration. “

John Caruso of Brooklyn and member of the National Carousel Association was impressed with the restoration of the Buffalo Heritage Carousel.

What they were talking about, of course, was the Buffalo Heritage Carousel, built in North Tonawanda almost a century ago and now housed in the wooden KeyBank Roundhouse, an all-weather structure running on energy supplied by the sun, with help from Tesla from Buffalo. plant.

It is not surprising that the visitors were so enthusiastic. You would never know from looking at the 1924 carousel that it lay unused for 67 years and needed a complete restoration.

It’s been a hit since it opened in May and word will now continue to spread both around the carousel and the big city where it has found a new home.

It will be instructive to monitor the results of a new program in Niagara Falls, where school buses will be fitted with cameras to identify motorists who put children at risk by ignoring laws that require them to stop when buses do. .

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