The Batman Who Laughs Just Wiped Fortnite’s Tomato Head

With Fortnite’s latest crisis averted, the Batman Who Laughs finds himself in the loop and he has big plans for the popular game.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Batman / Fortnite: The Foundation # 1, on sale now from DC Comics.

Batman / Fortnite: Point Zero ended on a pretty massive cliffhanger. Although the Dark Knight escaped the world of Fortnite with Catwoman and closed the rift created by the zero point over Gotham City, another rift quickly opened over Metropolis. If that wasn’t enough, it was revealed that the game’s villainous Imagined Order had more than Deathstroke to help them out. They also had the combined strengths of Lex Luthor and Batman Who Laughs to aid them in their shady omniversal agenda.

Now the story continues in the new one-shot Batman / Fortnite: The Foundation # 1 by Scott Snyder, Christos Gage, Donald Mustard, Joshua Hixson, Roman Stevens and Andworld Design. In this issue, Batman was working with a mysterious new figure who may be familiar to Fortnite players: the Foundation. This armored individual helped the Dark Knight close the rift on Metropolis, but not before Batman Who Laughs joined him in the endless violence of the loop. Although the Foundation thinks he won his battle against the Dark Multiverse variant, he was subconsciously made a pawn in a larger plane.

While almost everyone loses their memory in the loop, the Foundation armor prevents that from happening and it looks like Batman Who Laughs’ helmet, made of metal from the World Forge, has a similar effect. This means he’s not as helpless in the loop as initially thought. He wants to be there and immediately proves why by deleting a Fortnite icon.

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Tomatohead is, as the name suggests, a guy with a tomato for his head. In the world of Fortnite, he works at Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit restaurant in Tomato Town. That is, he did it before Tomato Town was removed and became the Temple of the Tomato. He has a deep animosity towards anyone who affiliates with Pizza Pit rival Durr Burger. This comic sheds light on where he may have originally come from, showing a world populated by people with head products.

Maybe Tomatohead thought Batman Who Laughs wasn’t a fan of pizza, as he pounces on the villain almost immediately after the loop reboots. A quick head butt is all it takes, as the Darkest Knight’s metal headgear shatters Tomatohead’s head to pieces. When Batman knew about it, he tried to avoid unnecessary conflict, but this unbalanced version of him not only welcomes him, he relishes it.

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As the other members of the Loop follow them, they believe they have a different fate than their fellow fighters. The Batman Who Laughs is about to prove them all wrong and enjoy the experience immensely. As he tears them to shreds, he reveals that he has no intention of staying to enjoy the loop forever, far from it.

For Batman Who Laughs, the loop is just the first step in his plans. As he did for the DC Multiverse, he plans to do this for the Greater Omniverse. Like Batman before him, he’s sure to hit zero point, and with that comes unlimited access to the entire Omniverse. His reign of terror was previously limited to the 52 universes of the DC Multiverse, which he no longer finds satisfying. He wants more. Now he will be able to spread his own brand of chaos across endless universes and endless possibilities, and this time the heroes of the DC Universe will be unable to stop him.

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