TellTale Games’ The Wolf Among Us 2 Trailer, News & Latest Updates

While there has been little news on The Wolf Among Us 2 since its announcement in 2019, that is finally changing. Here’s what we know so far.

Telltale Games has announced the return of The wolf among us during the studio’s rebirth in 2019, but there have been few updates on the project since. Based on that of Bill Willingham Fables comedy series, the first game was released in five episodes in 2013 and 2014. It served as a prequel to Fables in which players controlled Bigby Wolf (aka the Big Bad Wolf), the sheriff of a hidden New York community occupied by fairy-tale characters called Fabletown. The story followed Bigby as he investigated mysterious murders in Fabletown, a community that had previously been fairly safe for a long time.

The original Wolf among us The game was praised for its black tone, visual style, and storyline. Now after years of no news on The wolf among us 2, a recent issue of Game Informer revealed new details about the upcoming game, with more updates promised in 2022. Here’s everything we know so far about The wolf among us 2.

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The Wolf Among Us 2 Trailer

So far the only trailer for The wolf among us 2 is an announcement teaser that aired during the 2019 Game Awards. Although vague, the voices of Snow and Bigby can be heard in this ominous teaser, suggesting a return to the dark tone of the original and an escalation of effort Bigby will have to go through. for this Game.

What is the wolf among us 2 talking about?

Little is known about the plot of The wolf among us 2. This remains a prequel to Fables, which this time takes place across New York six months after the events of the first game. The 2019 teaser suggested Bigby should delve into his monstrous side – the side of him he’s tried to overcome and leave in the past – which portends an even darker story for this game.

While there were plans for a Wolf among us sequel before Telltale’s 2018 shutdown, there were no plans to resolve the first game’s cliffhanger ending, which was inspired by the black films it was inspired by. However, this version of the sequel was canceled when the studio closed. Following the takeover of Telltale by LCG Entertainment and the subsequent announcement of The wolf among us 2, it was revealed that the new sequel will be created from scratch rather than using the original blueprints. Now it’s unclear whether the game will approach the end of its predecessor or leave it open as originally intended.

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When will The Wolf Among Us 2 be released?

There is no release date or window for The wolf among us 2 yet, but Telltale has revealed more information to come in early 2022. Right now we know the game is in full production, its script has been finalized, and its motion capture is in the works.

Other than that, it has been confirmed that like the first game and other Telltale titles, The Wolf Among Us 2 will be released on an episodic basis. Each episode of The wolf among us was developed separately, resulting in a long wait between the release of the first and second episode. However, The wolf among us 2The episodes are developed simultaneously, so it is likely that the wait between them will be shorter and more consistent this time around.

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