Talking about that epic Jamie, Claire cliffhanger!

We knew how to enter the Foreign season 6 finale that there were almost certainly some huge happenings, and they didn’t disappoint!

If we had to categorize this episode in one way, it would be as an event. There was so much action, adventure and romance in those final minutes! It felt like the kind of episode that perfectly encapsulates what this show is all about, and also how unfair it is when some people reduce it to love scenes or its more physical attributes.

Let’s admit that a few minutes from the end, things were not going so well: Claire was imprisoned, and it seemed that she was not going to be able to escape her accusations following the death of Malva Christie. She’s followed with some of the same awful tags attached to her that we saw in the early seasons! She also had no guarantees that Jamie was alive, other than assurances from Tom Christie. What a layered character Tom is, right? He may not be supportive of anyone, but the writing has done him a big favor by paying for the time he spent with Jamie so many years ago.

Meanwhile, it looked like Jamie was going to be sent back to Scotland, until young Ian managed to hatch his own rescue plan! It paid off not only for Ian’s relationship with the Native Americans, but also for Jamie’s, which grew a lot during Season 6. It paid off as he was able to take off with them at the very end to find Claire.

This isn’t a cliffhanger where we worry one of them will die; there’s no way Foreign strike out Sam Heughan or Caitriona Balfe. Instead, it’s a simple, fantastic reminder that the adventure continues. It’s a perfect tease for what Season 7 will bring, and it feels like we’re going to immediately pick up where this episode left off.

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What did you think of the events of the Foreign season 6 finale overall?

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