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It was the night before we got home and along the streets / students and families were getting treats. / As the cars passed they were made with vanadium / crowds marched to the festivities at Memorial Stadium.

On October 1, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln hosted its reunion parade and Cornstock 2021 festival. The event brought together students and families from all over Lincoln to participate in a variety of activities.

On Friday night, people lined up on Vine Street to cheer and cheer as the reunion tribunal, registered student organizations, fraternities, sororities and other special guests marched to East Memorial Stadium where the activities of the festival.

The Cornhusker Marching Band played like old-fashioned cars, extravagantly decorated floats, and golf carts filled with people being driven waving to the masses. Some distributed sweets to students as well as to the many families who brought their children to experience the entertainment.

Rachamim Zamek, a first year mechanical engineering student, said he enjoyed the various cars on display.

“My favorite part of the festival was seeing all the cool classic car models that were in the parade,” Zamek said.

There were balloon performers, food trucks, outdoor games for kids and adults, and a Ferris wheel with a very long queue.

Young children could be seen running around with balloon animals, lighting up glasses and huge smiles on their faces as their parents struggled to keep up. Some families have played games such as the soccer target throw, while others have purchased new Husker clothing and accessories. No matter how they chose to spend their night, they all seemed to be having a good time.

Many students would walk around to check out the activities with their friends and eat huge ears of sweet corn on sticks. Taylor Hosick, a first year construction engineering student, said she really enjoyed this part of the festival.

“My favorite part was the sweet corn,” Hosick said. “I thought it was funny. It’s only in Nebraska that they give out free sweet corn.

Students and other festival-goers were also able to enjoy a concert and a jesters competition. UNL graduate Noah Floersh performed several original songs. The crowd nodded at the sound of his impressive voice and seemed to be having a happy time.

The Jester Competition followed his set, proving to be a popular act, causing audiences to laugh and applaud. Student organizations chose a member to perform a skit or display a talent. Participants had 30 seconds to impress the judges and the audience.

Madison McCarthy, a first year mechanical engineering student, said she wanted to experience a traditional UNL homecoming and was happy to have attended this event.

“I wanted to go there just to see what it was about,” McCarthy said. “I was intrigued by what our Homecoming in Nebraska would look like. The experience was great and I’m glad I chose to go.

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