Storm damages Spring Forest cemetery in Binghamton

Mighty old trees were toppled over and large branches were strewn across the grounds of Spring Forest Cemetery in Binghamton First Quarter by the powerful storm on Wednesday.

A yellow warning tape cordoned off a section of the north side of the cemetery near Prospect Street.

Spring Forest occupies 40 acres of land just south of Highway 17.

While much of the park-like cemetery was unscathed from the storm, a walking tour on Saturday found that a significant number of trees had fallen.

In some cases, large trees have landed on gravestones. Parts of the cemetery were strewn with limbs, branches and debris blown away by strong winds.

Spring Forest is the final resting place of many of the Binghamton area’s foremost leaders dating back to the Civil War era.

Representatives of the Spring Forest Cemetery Association could not be reached for comment on the damage caused by the storm.

Summer storm damages spring forest cemetery

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