Southern Charm ‘Queen’ Jokes ‘Free Kathryn’ After Harmless Photo Fail

Kathryn Dennis gave her followers some behind-the-scenes content from last Thursday’s reunion drama for Southern Charm. A cropped image led to his “Ken You Not” hoodie being cut out of frame.

It looks like the reality star failed in the photo because half of his iconic hoodie was cut off – but fans also pointed out how a cast member was cropped from the group photo.

The reality show’s reunion for season eight wasn’t a particularly Southern charm. Despite all the drama that transpired, it was a day for the actors to show off their gorgeous looks and stunning outfits.

Remembering the day, popular actor Kathryn brought back her #FreeKathryn reference after a harmless photo fail affected her aesthetic message.

A dramatic reunion for the cast of Southern Charm and Kathryn

On Thursday, the cast of Southern Charm reunited for season 8. The first part of the reunion drama saw Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose reunite after breaking up in the eighth season finale.

Through tears, co-star and friend Kathryn jumped into the conversation comparing Shep’s behavior to that of her ex Thomas Ravanel.

Although Kathryn is known for stirring up drama, fans of the show agreed with the reality TV star, while others disagreed with her comparisons.

Leaving viewers in shock from the intense episode, fans will now have to wait until next Thursday to see what happened after the cliffhanger.

A “Ken You Not” Moment

Being a TV personality and professional model, many believe that Kathryn wakes up to great hair days. She did, however, talk about her use of editing tools to make her photos Instagram-worthy.

On October 14, the 31-year-old took to her personal Instagram account to share behind the scenes of the intense reunion filming. Looking glamorous in a green suede dress with a dazzling smile, fans complimented her in the comments section.

Using #FreeKathryn, which this type of hashtag was first created by the Britney Spears fandom, she shared an anecdote of a cutout on her last slide. It seems like that doesn’t always work out in Barbie’s lifestyle.

In a message to her 969,000 followers, Kathryn wrote, “#FreeKathryn. The last photo has been cropped. It says ‘Ken you not’ #barbielife.”

The model’s fans were too stunned to talk about her looks. While others did not hesitate to make lots of compliments.

Other fans pointed out how in some of the cast’s footage, the star cut out some of his co-stars, leading to a ruined take on the “Ken You Not” shot.

One fan said, “Free you from….? Just tell me where, I’m on my way to bail you out girl.

A second fan wrote, “You are the most beautiful woman in southern charm. I’m sure they know that.

“Gorgeous. Green is your color, just like your natural hair,” another follower said.

One pointed out, “Love the way Madison is cut lmaoooo.”



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