Sonic the Hedgehog’s never-before-seen kinematic surfaces online

An impressive never-before-seen 2D cinematic of Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood, a Nintendo DS game developed by Bioware, is surfacing online.

A never-before-seen cutscene for the cult classic Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood was posted online, giving fans a taste of the incredibly smooth 2D cinematics.

Posted on Twitter by Jonathan Cooper, an expert in video game animation, the cutscene is split across two screens, mimicking the Nintendo DS display. After a quick logo splash for developer Bioware, the video begins in earnest, depicting Sonic making his way through the barren canyon. The Blue Blur launches at Dr. Robotnik, who hovers above them in a hovering machine, before quickly escaping from a horde of missiles. According to Cooper, the cutscene was intended to play the role of intro to Sound chronicles but was eventually cut by SEGA and replaced with a gameplay montage supported by the same music.

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While the incredibly smooth animation is breathtaking to watch now, SEGA has never publicly explained why the cutscene was cut from the game. Fans believe it might have something to do with the art style, which is vastly different from traditional visuals of Sonic the hedgehog franchise. Dark Brotherhood was the first and the only Sonic game to be developed by Bioware; it also holds the title of the only game created by the developer for the Nintendo DS console. A sequel has been hinted at, based on the original game’s cliffhanger ending, but that project was never cleared up.

While Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood has made a name for itself as a cult classic, the game is very different from other titles in the franchise. Rather than being a speed-driven platform game, Chronicles is a turn-based role-playing game. Players step into Sonic’s ever-lasting sneakers as he and his friends embark on a quest to prevent the kidnapping of Master Emerald, ultimately landing in another dimension known as the Twilight Cage.

Beyond Sonic, Chronicles featured a slew of playable characters including Miles “Tails” Prower, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge, Big the Cat, Cream, Shade, E-123 Omega and even Dr. Eggman. Upon release, the game received mixed to positive reviews, with reviews praising its visuals and gameplay while noting that the story and writing left a lot to be desired. Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood is only available on Nintendo DS as it has never been ported to another device.

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