Sly Cooper’s supposed return could be a mixed bag

While the latest generation of consoles has only just begun, rumors have indicated that PlayStation is looking to delve into its back catalog of classic franchises for the PlayStation 5. It has already started thanks to titles like Astro’s playroom and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, as well as future sequels like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and God of War: Ragnarok advance beloved franchises. A classic franchise that is currently said to be returning is Sly Cooper, one of the beloved 3D platformer games of the PS2 generation.

Among the PlayStation franchises that are currently said to be making a comeback (including Twisted metal and Annihilate,) Sly Cooper has repeatedly jumped in and out of relevance in the PlayStation community thanks to titles like the Sly Cooper HD Collection on PlayStation 3 and Vita, and also 2013 Sly Cooper: Time Thieves, which sought to continue the series under the developer of this collection, Sanzaru Games. The return of this deductible may come at a cost because, for more than one reason, the Sly Cooper the series and its fan base have undergone major changes over the years.

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Who could develop Sly Cooper 5?


One of the biggest problems, the return of Sly Cooper would bring revolves around the question of who would develop the next entry. While Sly Cooper was created by Infamous and Ghost of Tsushima developer Sucker Punch Productions, the revival of 2013 was handled by the self-proclaimed fans of Sanzaru Games. While Sly Cooper: Time Thieves ended on a cliffhanger, with Sly missing and waking up in Egypt, Sanzaru couldn’t continue that ending and the developer was bought by Oculus Studios 2020 from Facebook.

Since Sucker Punch is likely hard at work a follow-up to Ghost of Tsushima, it means a new Sly Cooper the game should come from another studio. This naturally comes with a great deal of caution, as the reception of fans towards Sly Cooper: Time Thieves was more mixed than the critical reception of the game. A new studio would also have to decide if they want to continue the cliffhanger left by Sanzaru in Thieves in time, with a hypothetical Sneaky 5 opening up in Egypt, which could confuse and alienate the new arrivals.

While a new developer can choose to redo or restart the Sly Cooper franchise, this can also be met with a backlash. The Sly Cooper The series is considered by many to be one of the most replayable and aging 3D platformer games of the PlayStation 2 era. It sounds like a paradoxical scenario in which half of the Sly Cooper Fans will be disappointed anyway.

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Problems with thieves over time


As previously mentioned, Sly Cooper: Time Thieves met a positive critical reception, but the game has become a point of contention among its fan base for the series. Many have criticized the characterization of its main cast and its antagonists, saying the game’s story negates much of the themes and character arcs of the original trilogy. For example, Sly’s personality has been criticized for being more exaggerated compared to his more calm and focused nature in the original trilogy. The character had a tendency for theatricality when it came to playing cat-and-mouse with Detective Carmelita Fox, but these scenes were often presented as if he was acting in unusual ways to shake her up.

Another character that many fans were frustrated with in Thieves in time was Bently’s love interest, Penelope, who after appearing as a kind and introverted character in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves returns as the villain responsible for trying to erase Sly’s family history. Although Penelope is not a major focus of sneaky 3of the story, fans were quickly drawn to the character and his betrayal in Thieves in time came as a complete shock. It seemed like the new writers wanted to make a villain out of a returning character, regardless of how they fit into past entries.

Finally, there is the end. Sly Cooper: Time Thieves was supposed to receive a story DLC that would follow Sly as he attempted to return from Egypt. That was the plan until the game went on sale, which forced Sony to cancel Sanzaru’s plans and the studio’s pitch for a Sneaky 5. It left a lot of fans frustrated with Thieves in timethe placement of in the series, because it took a nice conclusion to the series in sneaky 3 and created another entry with a cliffhanger that is unlikely to be resolved.

It is for these reasons that a possible Sly Cooper the comeback might just do even more damage to the series, because sticking to Thieves in timeThe ending might frustrate returning fans and alienate newcomers, but rebooting the series wouldn’t do anything to move it forward. Ultimately, this creates a situation that may be best left alone, even if it leaves Sly Cooper‘s fans to dry.

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