RTL airs another GTST cliffhanger version after Peter R. de Vries attack


RTL broadcasts another GTST cliffhanger version after the Peter R. de Vries attack | show

RTL will broadcast another version of cliffhanger. Tonight Good times bad times of. The broadcaster will inform this site. The station already had another version ready to air today, but decided to air it tonight after the attack on Peter R. de Vries.

Spoiler alert: If you don’t want to know anything about tonight’s show, read no further.

The plot revolves around two Moroccan brothers, Marouane (Hassan Salabi) and Elias. The love-hate relationship between the two reaches a boiling point when Marwan jumps into the store set up by their late father and mother. It turns into a drama when Elias is stabbed. The so-called Nicam version will air tonight, which means the scene is suitable for younger people as well.

Actor Hamza Othman, who plays Elias, is proud to conclude this season. He completely immersed himself in the last scene. “I have done a lot of research into what happens to your body when you are stabbed.” Then he joked, “Weird, but I called some of my friends and asked them, ‘Have you ever been stabbed? Their reaction was startling: “Hey, what do you mean? In the end, I found myself without anyone having been stabbed before.

After all, Osman had to be content with information from the Internet. He ended up praying. When Muslims know they are dying, they say: There is no god but God. Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God. I thought: there must be. I discussed it with the director. At the end of the day, it’s in the scene and I’m very happy about it.

Good Times, Bad Times, 8 p.m., RTL 4 and visible via Videoland

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