Refreshed Hyundai Venue appears

Fans of vaguely crossover subcompact vehicles from South Korea’s best-known automaker will be happy to hear that the little Hyundai Venue is apparently getting some mid-cycle styling tweaks. Appearing on the company’s official website for its India market and first noticed this morning by sleuths at CarScoops, the next Venue seems to be inspired by its big brother, the Palisade.

These foreign market images show a platform with a studded grille that mimics some of the design options found in the nose of Hyundai’s current larger vehicle. The wing-shaped daytime running lights and turn signals are again just south of the hood closing line, relocating the actual headlights into the fender jowls. It looks like the model will retain its unique halo lighting signature around those forward-facing peepers.

In the back, our very own Corey Lewis will be pleased to hear that Hyundai has embraced the mixed lifestyle, with a spear of LED lights now linking the outer taillights. The amber turn signals remain in the lower corners of these lamps, though they lose the distinctive diagonal detailing that reminded your author of the late and lamented Nissan Pulsar of the 1980s. Nostalgia is one hell of a drug.

A few glimpses of the interior have been shown in various videos on the brand’s YouTube channel for the Indian market, revealing a cabin that largely stays the course of the current model. Don’t expect direction or gesture controls, okay? The existing analog dash gauges have gone the way of the dodo bird—at least in this foreign-market machine—and replaced with a digital cluster.

Engine choices are generally different across the pond, with Hyundai being no exception in this regard. Don’t expect to find their 1.5L diesel (manual only, by the way) in our market, nor should we really hold our breath for the 120 horsepower 1.0L turbocharged gasser, although its power roughly resembles the engine found in North American place models. Around those parts, the car is powered by a 1.6L mill good for 121 horsepower and 113 lb-ft of torque.

With total sales so far this year of 10,663 units, the little Venue isn’t exactly America’s favorite Hyundai. Predictably, that honor goes to the Tucson, a model that found 68,423 new owners this year, followed by the Santa Fe with 47,204 sales through the end of May 2022.

[Images: Hyundai]

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