Rare Zender Bodykit-Clad Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer is looking for a new garage

Started in Hong Kong, currently resides in UK.

Featured image of the Ferrari 512 BB Zender

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Own a Ferrari is surely a dream for many, many people. Whether it’s a modern monster such as the SF90 Stradale, or an all-time classic in the Enzo, or the extremely expensive 250 GTO. Owning a Ferrari at least once in your life is really special. Many Ferraris are listed for sale on auction sites, such as this one is currently under the hammer on vintage cars. This is a 1980 Ferrari 512 BB with just under 31,000 miles on the clock. What makes this Ferrari so special, as it is a rare 512 BB breed, is that it comes with a Zender body kit.

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Zender Bodykit showcases this 512 BB

Ferrari 512 BB Zender Bodykit Rear Quarter View

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The Ferrari 512 BB comes from the flagship era of the brand’s supercars. The Zender body kit dramatically improves the appearance of this already magnificent car. The body kit includes a much deeper front bumper and lip spoiler, wider side skirts and a modified engine cover. The rear bumper also features flared aero elements. This Ferrari Zender is in a stunning blue color received in 2019, and as such it ensures that this particular Ferrari is in the best possible condition.

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Under the hood of the 512 BB

Ferrari 512 BB Zender Bodykit Front view

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While the Zender body kit rightly catches your eye, this Ferrari’s powertrain is special too. The 512 BB is fitted with a carburettor-powered 4.9-liter flat-12 engine, which drives the rear wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox. This flat twelve-cylinder engine produces around 355 hp, and the car passed its last MOT in April 2020 with a clear pass.

Ferrari 512 BB Zender body kit side view

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This Ferrari is even more special as it was originally delivered in Hong Kong in 1980 before going to the UK and with DVLA registration in 2016.

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Other details of this 512 BB

Ferrari 512 BB Zender Bodykit Interior view

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The current owner has maintained the car regularly and it has clearly been well maintained and Collecting Cars states that there is no known previous damage to the Ferrari bodywork. The interior is in beautiful beige leather, and it is in very good condition, it is more than likely to be remade at some point given the good condition it is in. The interior clock is currently not working, but is definitely serviceable and is at the very least a nice feature to have in the car. It’s an amazing and super rare machine, which would make a lovely addition to anyone’s garage.

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