Raised By Wolves Cast & Fans Launch Campaign To Save Canceled HBO Max Series

One of HBO Max’s first original shows, Raised by wolveswhich premiered in 2020 to critical acclaim and significant viewership, was recently canceled by the streamer. Raised by wolves aired its second season earlier this year, and it was hailed by critics as a significant improvement over its predecessor. And the season two finale ended on a huge cliffhanger, leaving fans with several burning questions. Although the reason for this unexpected decision was not specified, it would be the merger Warner Bros. Discovery, which also caused several other cancellations.

Raised by wolves is created by Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners) and follows two androids as they raise human children on an uncharted planet after the destruction of Earth by a religious war. Ridley Scott is the show’s producer. Raised by wolves stars Amanda Collin, Abubakar Salim, Travis Fimmel, Niamh Algar, Winta McGrath and Matias Varela in the lead. The show lost some of its shine in the Season 1 finale, but the brilliant second season more than made up for that.


Raised by wolves may not be the best thing on TV right now, but the show’s sheer ambition and quirky sci-fi setting has earned it a devoted fan base. And as expected, everyone from cast members to fans are disappointed that the show is being axed.

Abubakar Salim, who plays the male android, Father, in raised by wolves, was the first to announce the show’s cancellation and urged fans to show their support with #RenewRaisedByWolves. Niamh Algar and Winta McGrath have also joined the movement and are tagging Apple TV+, Amazon and other streamers to save Raised by wolves.

There is also a Change.org petition and a Reddit call-to-action group to renew Raised by wolves that fans of the series should absolutely discover.

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There’s still hope for being raised by wolves to find a new home

According to Abubakar Salim, there is hope for Raised by wolves to get a season 3, albeit on a different streaming service, as HBO Max is apparently off the table. Per Salim, Ridley Scott and the team work hard on shopping Raised by wolves in other homes, and if enough fans speak up, there’s a good chance the show will see a revival. Here is what Salim revealed in his original tweets:

“As we speak, Scott Free and the creatives are pushing for the show to continue in other homes – sharing the show’s reception and appeal with other storytellers. There’s no denying we’re in a time where the power of a community voice can make a difference. There have been many instances where this has happened, few of which come to mind, these are The Expanse, Top Boy as well as with good old Synder… So I ask for action. I see the pure love, passion and (too many) questions that pop up EVERY DAY on Twitter for RBW. I ask you now to continue, and with more vigor, to show that genuine love here, there and everywhere as we search for that new home.”

As Salim mentioned, there have been instances in the past where a network has suddenly canceled a performing series only for it to be acquired by another network, Lucifer and The extent being some of them. Raised by wolves Creator Aaron Guzikowski revealed to ET in March that he’s nearly finished writing Season 3, but confirmed the series hasn’t been greenlit yet. Considering the future of Raised by wolves is already plotted, and the way season two ended, fans deserve closure. Hopefully another network picks up the show.