Photo of Malayalam superstar Mohanlal with his first car goes viral on the internet

Malayalam film actor Mohanlal is famous for his roles in films in various Indian languages. The actor is also known for his love cars. Like any other celebrity, Mohanlal also has a collection of luxury cars and SUVs in their garage and we’ve featured the same on our website before. A photo of the actor posing with an Ambassador car has gone viral on the internet. The Hindustan Ambassador seen in the photo is quite special because it is the first car that Mohanlal bought.

The actor shared a photo of himself standing in front of the Ambassador car with the KCT 4455 license plate on. The car seen in the photo is actually and Mark 4 Hindustan Ambassador. It is a model car from 1986 which is over 35 years old. The actor shared this photo on his Facebook page and thousands of followers have already liked and shared this photo. Several followers also commented on the details of the photo the actor posted.

The Hindustan Motors Ambassador has played a pivotal role in Indian automotive history. It was a car that was once used by political leaders and senior officials of our country. It was popular as a personal and business vehicle. Due to increasing competition and low demand, Hindustan Motors eventually stopped production of the Ambassador altogether.

The one pictured is a Mark 4 Hindustan Motors Ambassador. In 1979 Ambassador got a makeover. It has always kept the overall design, but the front fairing has undergone some changes. The front grille was much smaller with a larger checkered grille and square parking lights. A separate amber warning light was incorporated on the semi-front lip spoiler under the bumper, which was mounted higher.

The Mark 4 was the last of the Mark cars. For a short time the cars were available as “Deluxe” and later they were renamed Ambassador Nova. The Ambassador Mark 4 was available with gasoline and diesel engine options and the one released by the actor is a gasoline model. The car used a 1.8 liter gasoline engine which generates 75 Ps and 135 Nm of torque. The car was available with a manual gearbox only.

Mohanlal has a collection of luxury cars, but he is a fan of Toyota as a brand. It has several models of the brand. It has Toyota models like Land Cruiser and Toyota Innova Crysta. He owned the first generation Toyota Innova and was also one of the first celebrities in Kerala to purchase Toyota’s luxury Vellfire minivan. Mohanlal loves Toyota so much that he recently bought another Innova Crysta.

The newly purchased Toyota Innova Crysta made headlines after temple security personnel cleared the actor’s car near the temple entrance. According to reports, security personnel opened the temple doors to allow Mohanlal’s brand new Innova Crysta to be near the temple entrance. The administration of the Guruvayur Sri Krishna temple has issued a notice of justification to the security guards on duty.

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