Peaky Blinders Season 6 teaser reveals the return of a fan favorite!

Like fans of any series that’s been put on hold, Peaky blinders fans have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for season 6. Okay, so maybe it’s a bit hyperbolized, but the season 5 release was in October 2019. The season ends on a cliffhanger and fans have been waiting for a season 6 and 7. However, the pandemic is bringing changes and creator Steven Knight reveals that season 6 will be the streaming finale. This part of the series will then end with a movie after Season 6. Other than this information, fans have rarely seen any news regarding Season 6. Believe me, I keep checking. Not even an exact release date (early 2022). However, the series took to social media today with a teaser. It’s brief, but brings back a fan favorite!

At the end of the cliffhanger, the teaser brings more questions than answers. We will have to wait to see how the unfortunate death of Helen McCrory will impact the series. Fans See Alfie Solomons Return! Sure, he was in Season 5, but at the very end of it with a brief but hilarious interaction with Tommy. The teaser seems to imply maybe Alfie will play a bigger role in Season 6. Check it out below:

So what will this role be? Some suggest that Alfie is no longer alive after Season 4. That he’s on Tommy’s mind. We know Tommy’s worsening mental illness will be the focus this season. He already has visions of Grace. Could he have visions of Alfie? He takes an Alfie-style approach to his relationship with Mosley. So maybe it’s right in her head?

However, I think Alfie is alive and well and will play a crucial role with Tommy. Why? It goes beyond being enemies. During their conversation in Season 5, Alfie suggests to Tommy that life is easier when you’re “dead” and he’s retired. He even refers to the character of a mythological figure in the Holy Land. But he follows this expressing that his pride will inspire him to gain more power; personally or professionally.

Wouldn’t it be both? Tommy can’t take Mosley down. What better power than to help Tommy bring him down knowing that Tommy needs help and can’t do it on his own. Also, we know how much Alfie values ​​his Jewish heritage. A Jewish individual and a gypsy lining up to take down a fascist anti-Semite. It sounds professional and personal to me. We don’t really know if Alfie is really dying of cancer like he suggests to Tommy in Season 4. But Tommy suggests he can send Alfie off with a bang. Can we really trust Alfie?

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All of the characters are incredibly well represented in the series. Alfie is by far one of my favorites. Even though people suggested on first viewing to use the subtitles to help with its thick accent. You will eventually get it. And Tom Hardy is once again amazing on the show. While the teaser was short, there is much more to explore with it. What do you think of the teaser? What could this mean for Peaky blinders Season 6 and are Tommy and Alfie moving forward? Leave your thoughts in the usual place, and thanks for reading!

Source: Twitter