Outlander Season 6 Episode 7 Return Date: The Last Before the Finale

There are a few points to note regarding Foreign season 6 episode 7, but let’s start with this: you’re going to wait a while.

Unfortunately, Starz is opting not to air the next episode (titled “Sticks and Stones”) next week, which might seem a bit odd on paper. However, at this point we expect the network to take those week-long breaks for many of their various shows. We have seen it over the years with Foreign, and they did it earlier this year with Book of Power IV: Strength. Season 6 Episode 7 is currently streaming/airing on Sunday, April 24, starting at midnight if you have the Starz app. This means the finale will air on May 1. (Remember there are only eight episodes this season.)

Because we’re two weeks away from the airing of “Sticks and Stones,” there isn’t much advance news in the form of a synopsis – yet book readers can at least get an idea. of the direction things are taking. It’s likely that Jamie Fraser knew there would be trouble when Tom Christie returned to his life, but there was no way he was preparing for the ripple effect that followed. We’re gearing up for an extremely difficult arc to close out the season that could test the whole family like never before.

Is there any chance we’ll get some sort of cliffhanger at the end of all of this? It seems likely, mainly because a Season 7 has already been greenlit and we know there are a whopping sixteen episodes that make it up. This season will likely contain parts of Diana Gabaldon A breath of snow and ashes go hand in hand with the sequel in An echo in the bone.

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