Outlander dropped a big clue about Malva before the Cliffhanger, but will Claire figure it out?

Spoilers ahead for episode 6 of Foreign Season 6, titled “The Upside Down”.

Yes Foreign ever released an episode with the most appropriate title imaginable, it would be “The Upside Down”. In the time one quick paymentthe story went from bloody flow to Claire at death’s door malva to accuse Jamie from fathering her unborn child at the ridge turning against the Frasers to Malva murdered with her throat slit. It’s pretty safe to say that Claire will find herself in serious trouble as the person with a motive for revenge against Mlva and the one who discovers the body, but Foreign also dropped a hint about Malva’s actions that could potentially help Claire if she can catch him.

True, Malva is dead, so she will not be able to confirm or refute anything. Still, if Claire can connect the dots between her own near-death experience and Malva’s actions, it might at least make Claire more sympathetic to those who view her as a murderer at best and a witch at worst. In light of Malva’s pregnancy announcement, the accusation that Jamie was the father, the question of who the real father might have been, and then his death, it can be easy to overlook the great mystery of the beginning of the episode which concerned both Claire and Tom Christie.

As ridge dwellers and fishermen died from the gory flow, no one really wondered what caused it when Claire (and off-screen Tom Christie) fell terribly ill. It wasn’t until Claire woke up that it became clear her symptoms were from something other than the flow, and only Tom Christie – who previously seemed to be Christie’s biggest threat on the ridge before Malva showed her true colors – shared them despite not having crossed her path for some time.

Claire didn’t go much further than asking Tom for a feces sample – and bless her heart for thinking this would actually work! — to try to determine the medical connection before other things distract her, but there’s really only one common denominator between the two: Malva. Could it really be a coincidence that the young woman who learned about germs and infection was the only link between two people who fell seriously ill from a mysterious illness?

Tom certainly gave Malva enough reason to want to poison her due to the physical and verbal abuse he inflicted on her. Claire had only been nice to her, but if she was planning on accusing Jamie of being the father of her child, wouldn’t it be more convenient to get rid of Claire and potentially replace her as the new Mistress Fraser? , wife of recently widowed Jamie ? As it is, she approached drive another wedge between Claire and Jamiebefore Claire states that she believed him.

Granted, Malva having a motivation to poison Claire during the flux crisis could heavily depend on when she found out she was pregnant. If she already knew about the bloody flow on the ridge and her pleasant conversations with Jamie, poisoning Claire could be the first step in an elaborate plan to replace her. No one would be able to prove that Jamie didn’t go beyond his word, and if Young Ian was really the father of the child despite his lingering love for Emilyso it was even possible that the baby looked like Jamie.

Honestly, I’m a little fuzzy on the overall timeline for this episode. Malva went from no show to looking ready to give birth in what was supposed to be a two-month time jump when Claire’s hair hadn’t grown much. Brianna’s physical condition in the next episode could be revealing, since she is pregnant.

Timeline issues aside, I feel pretty comfortable saying that Malva probably poisoned her father and Claire in an attempt to kill them. I don’t think any of the Frasers would particularly mourn Tom if he was dead, and he certainly gave Malva reason enough to want to get rid of him. As for Claire…well, Malva’s threat to blackmail Roger in the previous episode and then blame Jamie for getting her pregnant in “The Upside Down” showed a malicious streak that Claire doesn’t care about. wasn’t expecting, and makes it pretty believable that she would try to kill her to take her place.

If Malva really poisoned her father and mentor, and if Claire can figure that out and convince even a few people, that could work in her favor in the aftermath of Malva’s murder. Ether’s hallucination aside, I think fans can be sure Claire didn’t actually kill Malva. All things considered, it’s hard to believe it was just an episode ago that the biggest twist seemed to be the reveal of another mysterious time traveler! Find out what will happen after Malva’s death with new episodes of Foreign (opens in a new tab) Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Starz in the 2022 TV Schedule.

Foreign there are only two episodes left in the shortened season 6 and many unresolved stories, so it will be interesting to see what kind of closure the show will give and what kind of cliffhangers are on the way before the next Droughtlander. The good news is that season 7 is already guaranteed and received a massive order for 16 episodes, so the Fraser family saga is not far from over.