Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Always Doing the Right Thing

Wow, that was a cliffhanger!

We will discuss this in a few moments. Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 6 focused mainly on Bobby Diaz’s campaign and the consequences of certain decisions. It also showed how determined Rockstar Joe was to bond with Zeke, despite his guilt.

Let’s see how hard it is to do the right thing when you might hurt someone you love.

Rockstar Joe was determined to forge a bond with Zeke once he realized that the kid shared his musical talent as he is such a legend, simply liking his video, which made Zeke famous among his friends. .

It’s crazy guys! Joe Kimbreau liked my Tik-Tok. Joe freaks out Kimbreau.


Joe wanted to connect with Zeke by joining his Tik-Tok video and recording a duet video with him.

For now, he’s just a rockstar legend, but as Jenny pointed out, Joe may have turned their entire lives upside down by getting too involved.

Neither Joe nor Jenny’s spouses know about Zeke or that they both went to find him. However, Jenny’s daughters and Joe’s management team saw the Tik-Tok video, which means it blew up more than Joe expected.

Eric and Joe’s friendship is one of the best parts of the series. After hearing about Joe’s dilemma, Eric never judged him.

These two act like brothers and have always done so since they were children. This support encouraged Joe to tell Amy the truth.

I protect you, brother.


The rest of the episode focused on Bobby Diaz and his campaign across all three timelines. He is most relevant in the Nurse Joe timeline. After being a powerful politician, it’s hard to hear that you have Parkinson’s disease and will never walk again.

It is not very comfortable knowing that you need help with even daily activities when you are used to being in control. Of course, Bobby wanted to give up.

Bobby: You and I both know I’ll never walk again. There is no point in playing this masquerade.
Joe: Therapy is essential to your rehabilitation. I see miracles in patients much worse than you.

Upset Jenny - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 6

Joe brought the big guns to help his son Chris. He thought that if Bobby saw that Chris was living a happy life in his wheelchair, he would continue his therapy.

Bobby saw with his own eyes that Chris was an ordinary preteen, and he and Joe teased Chris about his first crush.

Chris: I don’t really like hamsters. I just took it to impress a girl.
Bobby: So Evie likes hamsters?
Chris: Well if I make him fat and happy for one night and hand it over to him, I can give him all the tips and tricks and impress him.

Even after Nurse Joe was brought to Bobby’s house and Bobby resumed therapy, he had doubts about staying in politics and was going to resign.

It took a child’s pure hopes and dreams to make him see the world differently.

I will be the first disabled astronaut to go to space. If I have to do this, why can’t you be a member of Congress from a wheelchair? Don’t you just talk and shake hands?


Single Dad - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 6

Ordinary Joe used the depiction of disability so well in this episode. So many newly disabled adults feel hopeless and it takes the innocence and hope of a child to remind them that anything is possible.

Chris has never known anything other than his disability. He learned the difficulties of gaining acceptance from others, but he always believed he could do anything like go to space.

Therefore, he thinks that Bobby can also conquer his dreams.

It was an emotional moment when Bobby revealed he had Parkinson’s disease and was going to move on with his life, mostly thanks to the advice of a friend.

The DIaz Family - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 6

It’s a shame that other versions of Bobby Diaz don’t have that self-awareness. Cop Joe was placed between a rock and a hard place when he decided to hand over proof that Bobby had paid Carrie Coleman.

Joe became a cop to do the right thing.

Amy was convinced Uncle Frank was hiding something and covering something up after seeing Uncle Frank and Bobby Diaz having a private meeting. It turned out she was right, and Bobby helped an internal affairs case against Frank go away.

Joe: Jesus Frank, so two wrongs make a right?
Uncle Frank: We don’t know Diaz had anything to do with this girl’s death. I guess he didn’t, but if you insist, you’ll make the AI ​​case reappear against me.

Cop Joe was feeling so torn. His family had taught him to do the right thing. However, he also felt compelled to stay by his family’s side, so could he get his Uncle Frank to dry off? Uncle Frank helped raise him after his father died. He always admired him.

This realization destroyed the way he thought about his uncle, which was part of the problem.

Joe, out of Amy and your uncle, only one of them does the right thing. I know it’s hard for you. What do you think your father would do?


Jenny & Darren - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 6

Joe knew it would destroy his relationship with his uncle, but he gave Jenny a photo of the check so they could get a money order to arrest Bobby.

Although they agreed it was a mistake to sleep together, Bobby called Amy his biggest mistake right before Amy made her speech, and they shared an emotional hug. It looked like he was playing games and flaunting their relationship in Joe’s face.

Karma is a bitch.

Ordinary Joe often uses parallels in all three timelines. Therefore, it seemed ironic that while Bobby was arrested for paying his mistress, Wayne Colemen showed up at Amy’s rally to finally get revenge on Bobby. He was years old while in office. Why now?

Regina & Robby - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 6

Did Wayne Coleman suspect that Bobby would be using another woman, or was Amy’s reunion heavily publicized? This cliffhanger was so close to the Ordinary Joe series premiere, only this time Bobby passed away.

Over to you, television fanatics. Are you shocked by this cliffhanger ending? Do you think we’ll see Bobby Diaz in other timelines again? Does Joe go too far in trying to communicate with Zeke? Sound off below in the comments.

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