Old 1st generation Toyota Fortuner converted to the latest 2022 Toyota Legender [Video]

The 2010 1st generation Toyota Fortuner model got a complete turnaround converting it to the latest Toyota Legender; Gets premium interior customization; Let’s take a look at this unique modification.

Feel like your old Toyota Fortuner looks dated? So you have come to the right place as we are bringing you a very unique modification where the Fortuner 1st Generation 2010 model is converted to the latest Legender 2022 model. We will guide you through the modification process through a YouTube video by ‘ AutoRounders’, a multi-brand customization workshop.

Old 1st Generation Toyota Fortuner Converted to Latest 2022 Toyota Legender: Changes

At the start of the video, the presenter explains, all major parts including hood, fender, headlights, bumpers, etc. except door and trunk lid. Along with that, the SUV will get an all-new Brooklyn Gray paint scheme inspired by the latest BMW X3 and a complete interior redesign, explains the modifier. Looking at the video it is quite clear that the car is in its original condition. Speaking of the conversion process, some parts of the chassis are modified in order to accommodate the new headlights and body panels. The video also takes us through the full painting process. Later in the video, the presenter introduces the concept for the interiors and says that the SUV will get a two-tone black-brown finish.

As we progress through the video, the presenter shows off the end results in the form of a converted Toyota Legender. In terms of results, the SUV definitely looks like a Legender from the front with similar gloss black headlights, fog lamps, grille and skid plate. On the side, the SUV gets new Type 3 alloy wheels and the brake calipers get a Miami Blue finish. Apart from that, the SUV resembles the old Fortuner from the sides with the same set of doors, A, B and C pillars and the large quarter glass. The rear profile gets a new Fortuner Type 2 bumper, LED taillights and all badging has been updated with a gloss black finish to match the SUV’s new paint scheme.

Inside the cabin, the seats are covered in new patterned leatherette upholstery and the same color pattern continues on the door pads, A, B and C pillars. The highlight of this modification is the new steering wheel unit of the Type 3 Fortuner. The dashboard also gets a full black leatherette treatment.

Towards the end of the video, the owner looks pretty happy with the whole job and he says “The car looks really amazing”. In the future, he did not expect such a drastic change and the interior resembles that of a Bentley, explains the owner.

The Toyota Fortuner is one of the most popular and trending SUVs in the Indian market and has a crazy following among car buyers. A brand name in itself, its price is in the range of Rs. 32.59 lakh to Rs. 50.34 lakh (former showroom). The Toyota Legender will cost you Rs. 42.82 lakh at Rs. 46.75 lakh (former showroom).