No Way Home’s Devil in Disguise Could Tease Daredevil or Mephisto

The Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer’s “Devil in Disguise” shot may hint at the arrival of a villain, but it could also tease Peter Parker’s new ally.

The fans were waiting for the Spider-Man: No Path Home trailer to drop for a while, not only to see how the world reacts to Mysterio’s Peter Parker release from Tom Holland, but also to see how the film connects to the multiverse. And they made their wish come true when Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus returned at the end of the first look. But an Easter Egg in the trailer that flew under the radar seems to validate months of theories, though it could be a fake that points to another swinging superhero in the movie.

The catalyst for this speculation comes at the 0:39 mark of the trailer, where a protester wielding a “devil in disguise” poster is seen as Pete getting caught. And while many fans quickly believed it was a reference to Mephisto, it might not be that simple.

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Mephisto plays a role in No way home would make sense because Doctor Strange makes a reckless deal with Peter, altering the magic to erase the memory of the world. It’s similar to what the demon did in An extra day, wiping out Pete’s marriage to MJ to save Aunt May from death. Using Mephisto would ensure that none of his relatives are harmed again for knowing his secret and is a smart way to pay for all the theories of WandaVision and Loki,

But while this poster might tease Mephisto playing a role in the film, breaking the rules and adding to the chaos of a fractured reality, it might tease Daredevil as well. It has been rumored that Charlie Cox has been appearing for quite some time, which has pleased many fans, as the third season of daredevil ended on a cliffhanger. Cox’s Matt Murdock is one of the highlights of the canceled Netflix shows, with people hoping that one day the MCU can jump-start their journey, even on TV with Disney +. Well, now it’s possible Matt is helping Peter, in civilian clothes.

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Spider-Man in No Way Home trailer alongside Charlie Cox's Daredevil from NEtflix series

Some eagle-eyed fans have even taken screenshots suggesting that when Pete is questioned, the unseen person in the white shirt is Cox’s character helping his lawyer, starting to bond from the source material. Matt has been Pete’s legal representative in the comics a few times, while Pete has also donned the Daredevil costume to help his friend more than once.

Even in the recent arc where Kingpin became mayor, Spider-Man tried to help Daredevil and make sure he didn’t fall into darkness. They have therefore been related for years, even outside the professional sphere. And that smart sign in the No way home the trailer appears to claim the partnership is being brought to the big screen. And since Peter no longer has Iron Man to lean on, it creates an organic path for Matt to become his new partner to stop crime.

To see if Daredevil makes his MCU debut in Peter Parker’s upcoming solo release, Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17th.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home Lizard

Spider-Man fans think they spotted the lizard in the No Way Home trailer

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