NFL coaching layoffs, reactions, hiring updates: Texans interview Hines Ward, Vikings set head coach interviews

Texans general manager Nick Caserio chose his words carefully.

He opened his press conference Friday by praising David Culley, the head coach he fired after one season, for helping stabilize an organization “in a pretty difficult situation.” But he never said he hired Culley with the intention that he would be the long-term solution.

“We hired David because we thought he was the best fit for the Houston Texans organization at the time and we still feel that way,” Caserio said. “Again, it’s, I would say, a year-to-year effort, and what we do every year is its own entity. You kind of have to look at its own bucket, and we’re committed to David because that we thought we thought he was the best coach in our organization at that time.

Caserio didn’t offer a timeline for how long it will take to replace Culley, but he said the next head coach must first and foremost be a leader, not just a brilliant football mind, so the Texans will be looking for someone. one with “many of the qualities that David possessed.

Unlike Culley, the next coach likely won’t have spent more than two decades as an NFL assistant without ever calling games or interviewing for another head coaching job. Culley was the right coach at the right time because he was happy to have the job regardless of the circumstances – the full roster of short-term free agents, the lack of draft capital, the star quarterback embroiled in a scandal who refuses to play and the general manager who makes all the important decisions.

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David Culley gave Nick Caserio almost total control. Will the next Texans coach do the same?